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TTM 20: The 20’s

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Oh NO!!!!

    I hope this comment gets in before the end of the show.

    Hey Rod and Bassey! Look at me being rude and not speaking first. I wasn’t expecting this show so soon so I haven’t watched the current episode yet. But I have some comments about the 20’s.

    First – I thought the Pearson 3 were born in 1976. I may be wrong but when the episode started and it was 2008, I immediately calculated them to be 32 years old. Then when Kate and Kevin talked about being in their 20’s my first thought was ‘let me follow up with Rod and Bassey, they’ll know’. I tend to miss things. For instance I missed the note from the roommate telling Kevin to get out.

    Second – this was the first episode where I really cried this season. They caught me off guard. I like to watch shows while working out. Given my dry eyes thus far, I thought it would be safe – nope. Breathing hard and crying is not a good match.

    Third – I identified with young and older Randall this episode. The map – while I didn’t do one for trick or treating when young but I do one when going to the outlet mall now. Well not anymore because my friends won’t go with me anymore LOL. But back in the day, I would create a strategy for our shopping to maximize the time. I’d ask then to rank the stores by need, want and desire. Then I’d map it out LOL. I identified with older Randall when it came to Beth going into labor. I was my friend’s labor coach. When her water broke, I rushed her to the hospital but I kept telling the nurses it wasn’t time because her ‘fundus’ (I think that’s the word) wasn’t hard. I’d learned that in lamaze and thought there were concrete steps to labor. The nurses looked at me like ‘yeah, ok, let’s get her to labor and delivery’ LOL. I’m a planner but thankfully I’m not as rigid. I do laugh at myself at times.

    Thanks for your awesome recaps. I’ll be watching tonight and listening to the recap tomorrow so I won’t get caught off guard again!

    • FalconsDiva

      I mean, I seriously JUST finished listening to last week’s recap. Opened my email to see that y’all were going live. And I hate it because the only time I listen live is at work but I haven’t watched it this week.

      I’m going to go cry in my car…

  2. bamil73

    Hi Rod and Bassey

    I hope this comment gets in under the wire.

    Forgive me if someone else has attempted this but I think I’ve figured out the show locations that have us confused.

    The Pearson family lived in Pittsburgh where Jack was raised. Rebecca probably grew up in Connecticut, where her mom lived during the stretch from the late 70’s to early 90’s.

    The Black Pearsons (the BP) live in some suburb of New York, maybe in New Jersey, as I think that was mentioned somewhere. Rebecca moved from Pittsburgh to somewhere close to the Black Pearsons, I’m guessing sometime after she re-connected with Miguel , who is actually a great guy if you get to know him. Just kidding, everyone knows Miguel is a trash-as nigga.

    Kate moved from Pittsburgh to LA.

    Sophie currently lives either in Manhattan or elsewhere in the New York area which explains why Kevin could be at her place in morning and at the BP in the afternoon.

    I am loving these recaps.


  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    This episode had me crying like the meme of the black dad from Intervention. (link included if you care to click on it)

    Best Cry Ever

    Best Cry Ever

    Crying Guy from the A&E Show Intervention.

    Everything about this episode just had me in my feels from Rebecca’s letter to the black judge. The white judge giving William a second chance, the fact that those two judges knew each other, Randall unknowingly saving William from falling off the wagon, Randall’s confrontation with Deja’s mother.

    I think I figured out what bothers me so much about Toby. It’s that little piece of hair he’s holding on to at the top of his head. I wish he would just shave it off because it really irks me for some irrational reason.

    My favorite moments of the show was Randall talking about head scarfs and coconut oil and his Black Queen. I was like Yaaaasss Randall. But even better than that was Kevin telling Sophie that a future with her would be a nightmare. Seeing Sophie cry made my evil heart happy. I know I’m a piece of shit for feeling that way about her, but fuck her. She should have stayed with her x ray tech boyfriend.

    Evie E

  4. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Gonna try to keep this short. First of all, thank you for doing these recaps, because I don’t trust many people to give the Black Pearsons the reverence they deserve. But I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this episode. Like Bassey, I haven’t loved a lot of season 2 the way I did the first season, but this episode got me so good. “I wake up every morning next to a head scarf and coconut oil” is just one of many reasons I will stan for this show forever. The points of view in this episode and the nuances within them were just great. This episode is precisely why we need more black writers, and especially black women in these writing rooms. Shout out to Kay Oyegun, because she did her thing. (Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger are also credited as writers, but I’ve decided Kay did all the good stuff, lol.)

    Also, we got rid of Sophie! No matter how temporarily, I’m taking that W right now.

    Thanks, y’all!


  5. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,


    So salty over such a sweet character. And as this episode shows, Kate likes his over-the-top ness more than she doesn’t like it. Him talking to them ashes even though he felt ridiculous means he’s made for Kate. He know she BSing about a low key wedding when she is high key here for the shine and the drama. Get on the winning team! Toby a Pearson now. #ToeBeeHive

    Now that that’s out the way, you know who really needs a walk-me-down with an attitude adjustment? Kevin. I get that he’s struggling and nobody likes Sophie, but “I try to picture our future and it’s just a nightmare” is a horrible way to talk about your relationship when you actually mean to talk about your self-loathing. Ugh.

    Rebecca been fighting for her black baby forever. Although I’m a good 90% white folks been able to adopt black kids in the 80s with fewer hurdles, I guess I can get with this plot point. Becca went full “I want to speak to the manager” after he pushed back the hearing date.

    Finally, the black Pearsons. I need them to take William out the equation. My tear ducts can’t take it. He was about to end it all when Randall showed up and replaces his magical Caucasian. And Deja. MY. GAWD. She put her allowance on the books. I bet before the Pearsons, she didn’t get an allowance but she was probably still saving her lunch money or something to put on her mama’s books. I just want to give her a praying auntie rocking hug.

    Also, look at Randall trying to go toe to toe with a black woman. He lost before he started but it was cute that he tried. Y’all see his little neck roll when he talked about his scarf wearing, coconut oil skin black queen?! Go head! She was right about not seeing Deja that day though. All it would have done was worry the girl more, which in turn leads to more upheaval. I kinda want to see Beth go at Deja’s mama. I think they would go at it, but I also think they would work it out. I just want to see Beth talk to another black woman.

    Can’t wait to see the individual Big 3 episodes, especially Randall’s and Kate’s.

    That’s all I have. Have a great show!


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