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1561: Ricks Of Hazzard

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. fyahworks

    Another good ep, and better recap!
    Few points/questions i would like to present….

    1) shiva ain’t clap back at them walkers because she is a domesticated tiger, not raised in the wild so maybe she didn’t know how to react!

    2) in y’all opinion, how much will the lost of shiva affect zeek?

    3) sometime in season 8 do you guys expect or want a back story on negan? Either before the z-poc or how the saviors came to be with him at the reins??


    4)with all the spy talk that has been geared at Enid, did we stop to think about this the connection? Jesus…. Saviors!
    In the ep before last how did he know the saviors would surrender? How does he know his way around Negan’s compound so well? And never get caught when there’s a million saviors? Just saying!!!

    Love the recaps!!


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