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SMR 159: Bright

Rod is joined by Brandon of the Where’s My 40 Acres Podcast Network to discuss Netflix’s latest movie and Will Smith vehicle “Bright.”



    If there’s one thing I have to give this film credit for, is that Netflix released Bright on its site, because it wouldn’t stand a chance in theaters. It’s mediocrity from start to finish with bad writing from Max Landis. I did like the world of this film & the concept of this film. It’s pretty & has good action scenes. Will Smith tried but I don’t think the writing gave him a chance to be him. Joel Edgerton was nothing special, but I guess he tried.

    Also, I don’t think David Ayer’s that special of a director. Aside from writing Training Day & directing Harsh Times & End of Watch, he’s had some misses, which keeps from being among the greats. All that being said, I’ll be there for the sequel, mostly because I can watch this film anywhere; which, in a way, is the film’s saving grace. Hopefully, they’ll tied up some loose ends, clean up that writing & it’ll be better.


      Also, I forgot to add another saving grace: I don’t have to pay full price for a film like this, since, it’s on Netflix & it pays for itself.

  2. Selester63

    I thought this movie was okay. The action scenes were good, also Smith and Edgerton did a decent job. Both of you guys brought up some good points. I was thinking the Latino gang was so pressed to get the magic wand but how would they use it if they couldn’t touch it? Anyway I’ll definitely watch the sequel.

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