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1587: 2017 Wrap Up

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Rod and Karen discuss the passing of Erica Garner and wrap up 2017 with what set black people and white people backwards / forwards through out the year.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Karen and Rodrigo,

    I really appreciated this year-end wrap-up. I would like to add an honorable mention to what set White people back in 2017. A city council in a majority Black town in Camilla Georgia decided to not to give the Black Mayor the keys to the city. Want to know what the worst part of this is? The mayor was elected in 2015.


    Anyway, Happy New Year and Best Wishes!

    PS Get those Black Panther tickets early y’all!

  2. Anonymous

    Good afternoon Mr. Rod and Auntie Karen. To celebrate my one-year anniversary of listening/live chat, and comments to TBGWT podcast, I decided to add to the monthly donation pool. You two have helped me and so many others with your humor, sensitivity, and care for the Black and Brown folks of this country, as well as our LGBTQIA family!

    I wish you both peace, laughter, and all the pumpkin spice and “bad” music covers your hearts can stand!

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod and Karen,
    This episode was perfect. I loved it. With all the evils of Trump and what he has wrought, I forgot about some of the victories and laughs. I think Tyrese might have set people back a little bit in the last quarter with his twitter and instagram rants, beefs and breakdowns. *smh*

    Every time you mention the La La Land loss to Moonlight. I LMAO and get a fuzzy feeling inside. That’s how I want all black and brown people in this country to win shit. Whoops, sorry white people, gimme my award. lol. I played that section of the show to my daughters, ages 10 and 12, and then we watched a few clips on You Tube of Moonlight getting their awards. TBGWT, bringing black families together!

    In regards to partying for the NYE, I’ve never really been a big NYE party person. Too much expectations. I really prefer, and mostly, have stayed at home with my family drinking, hanging out, eating food, and watching TV marathons. However, always had to be wearing something new and holding money in my hand when the new year came in so I not be broke. Hmmm, still waiting for that superstition to kick in. lol. NYE was spent with my daughters as we had a woke netflix binge fest–last episode of the hip-hop evolution documentary, followed by a 2 hour Black Panthers documentary, a mini docu on the L.A. riots, and finally Ava DuVerny’s 13th Amendment. My 10 year old wanted to watch. I was impressed.

    Here’s to a successful, enriching, wealthy, healthy New Year. thank you for everything.

    P.S.: Had to cancel my premium membership because my rent went up. *sad face* maybe I’ll get back on for just a month for the black Panther SMR. When I get my money right…


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