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TTM 25: The Fifth Wheel

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    I really hate saying this but….Randall is starting to get on my nerves. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still my favorite Pearson by far but like all family members we may love to death, sometimes they just irk your spirit. I can feel Beth’s pain about Randall seeming to always go off to do his own thing. That can be very frustrating when it seems she’s been understanding with him when he brought Williams into his home, had Kevin living in their basement for a year and talked her into fostering a kid. And now he’s telling her that he wasn’t feeling the job he was going to be interviewed for? For real nigga? Randall, it’s time for you to get out of the house and find something to do. I can tell that Beth is about one more crazy scheme away from cussing him all the way out.

    As much as Kevin drives me crazy, and not in a good way, I appreciated all the shade he was throwing at Miguel. Fuck Miguel. He killed Jack. He probably took the batteries out of Jack’s bag for the smoke alarm.

    And Kate? I still don’t get this hatred she has toward Rebecca. My heart melted when Rebecca was so excited to be shopping with her daughter. She seemed so pleased when she was telling strangers in the mall that she was shopping with her daughter.

    I did like Kate’s interaction with Madison though. I’m glad she was there for Madison. To be perfectly honest….I like Madison more than I like Kate. Sorry, not sorry.

    Evie E

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Oooooh Rod when you’re right you are right. Watching this episode it’s definitely clear that Beth has some anger towards Randall. His decisions (which he’s making all alone) are really hitting some nerves and he does not see that she is done with him. Also, Randall leaving this interview to go talk to this landlord cause he decided there was some great love story to unearth It’s definitely part of his addictive personality to go all in on whatever he fixates on.

    I know I’m the only one in the #MiguelHive (yup, I’m ok with being alone over here) so I really enjoyed seeing young Kevin and young(er) Miguel bond over their sadness and the fact that Jack is always trying to give pep talks instead of letting people sit in their sadness, which I think may also be a not so great trait which contributed to some of the kids bad coping mechanisms.Let Miguel live y’all! #MiguelHive

    I liked the Madison story. I love that even something that was kind of comic relief had emotional depth. But no girl you and Kate should not host a podcast. And the look on Kate’s face when Madison said they were best friends was PRICELESS.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast and I’m going to try to leave feedback and not just respond out loud when I’m listening like you can hear me.


  3. rodimusprime

    Thank you for offering this platform for fans of the This is Us, TBGWT and This Too Much to congregate. I suggested my sister listen to last week’s TTM podcast and she enjoyed it.

    These last two episodes were better insight into Kate and Kevin than their solo episodes.

    In the show’s opening credits they still show the name of the actress that plays Sophie. Le sigh.

    But I was pleased to see the other guest stars: Dawnn Lewis, Cathy Moriarty and Garrett Morris not to be confused with Garrett Morgan, the black inventor of the traffic light. (I confused the two at a black history bowl when I was in high school).

    Kate needs a friend on the show and I think Madison was a good choice. The actress is funny and fits in well in Kate’s scenes. What do you think they will call their podcast? I hollered at that.

    I was not happy about taking that wild goose chase with Randall. All that to find some Billie Holiday street art? And he blew off a job interview.for a good job! That is some JJ Evans shit.

    When Randall got William’s box and took out that sweater, listen, I said , “please don’t smell that.” I just imagined writers would have Randall smell it and look solemnly in remembrance. But I know that sweater smelled like the donation bin at the Salvation Army. I am glad he didn’t smell it.

    Beth irritated me last week, but this week, I empathized with her. Randall is a Captain Save a Ho, because he was “saved.” I feel like she wants some normalcy back and she has gone along with everything Randall has wanted to do. And now I remember that there was a cute little boy in need of a foster family shown at the end of the mid-season finale, so I think things will continue to change for this family. Poor Beth. If she wrote Essence for advice everyone would tell he to leave Randall. Hang in there Beth.

    Last week when Kevin talked about addiction but left Randall out, I was thinking he was speaking from a hereditary DNA standpoint and its genetic contribution towards addiction to alcohol, drugs, pills and food. William was an addict, however it has not manifested in Randall’s addiction to a substance.

    Sorry I got so long, but thanks for your time.


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    Ok so this email is about a month and half in the making. Full disclosure, I may not be the president of the Kevin Pearson Haters Association but I am certainly a card carrying member in great standing. I know that immediately puts me at odds with Bassey but hear me out…

    While y’all managed to tick my concern for Kevin from a 0 to a 2 (on a 0 – 100 scale) after Number 1 aired, I have to delineate the top 3 reasons the Kevin really is not worth our sympathy yet. He may earn it eventually but I have yet to see the evidence.

    1. Kevin is a user. In every one of his relationships, he was just trying to flee his inner jerk. We first meet him and he’s juicing his sister for all she can manage. Then he goes to Not Sophie 1 and she’s carefree and won’t be held back. Then Not Sophie 2 is earnest and dutiful. Then he goes back to Real Sophie just to dump her again. I’m not caping for Sophie (especially since she shouldn’t have taken him back anyway) but in his love scenarios, he is a taker without any evidence of giving.

    2. Kevin is selfish. EVERYBODY on Team Pearson knows that the Kate has always longed to sing but instead of rich, connected, famous brother throwing his sister a bone, he mercilessly leans into their codependent junk and just lets her wallow as his personal assistant. Kevin is a big time star and could have put his sister on if he was worth anything but it took Toby to show up out of the blue to push her to pursue her dream. BTW, what the heck does Toby do anyway???

    3. Lastly and most importantly, Kevin shunned help. Even when his Dad was struggling, he had no empathy for what Jack was going through. He was ashamed when his dad and sister sought help for alcoholism and grief. He saw that as personal failings. Now to prevent himself from going to jail, he went to rehab, but it seems like he just wants to use it to code his family as wrong and himself as a long-sufferer. BOOOOOOO!!!!

    What the last episode underscored and I think your mentioned it Rod is that the relationship that Black people have to their parents and white people have to their parents is so different even when they are in the same family. I teach high school students and I know that exact feeling that Rebecca described of not necessarily having favorites but how some children make it easy to love them. I even say that to my students at times, “BooBoo I may love you every day but today you are making it especially hard,” or even on the flipside, “BooBoo, you are making it so easy to love you today!” when they shine. Children know right from wrong and Kevin just chooses wrong way more than he chooses right in my opinion. I’m against that.

    Perhaps it is my positionality of being married to a very responsible man who has a selfish and immature brother who thinks its fun to try to blow up the family annually with rants about how he gets treated badly (the man is in his mid 40s with that junk). I am every bit of Beth Pearson in that I love my husband deeply but my wedding vows did not require me to unconditionally love his siblings like that and I don’t feel badly about that at all. Beth is a mother and she watches Kevin through a mother’s eyes. In every way, Kevin has been lacking according to her standards and I fully support her assessment. Kevin is my least favorite Pearson and until he begins to make moves that would actually help a person other than himself, he will likely stay in last position for me.

    Sis. Dr. Kelli

  5. afropatterson

    I just have to mention how excited I was to see Susan Kelechi Watson in Jay-Z’s new video as the grown up Blue Ivy/Founding Mother of New America.

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