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SMR 167: Proud Mary

Rod and Karen review Taraji P Henson’s Impossible White Man movie Proud Mary. We also talk about some trailers we saw and respond to your comments.

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    Proud Mary just about gave me what I wanted. Taraji did her thing with good action & action, especially, with her interaction with Danny, who besides Mary, is a big deal here. The story is nothing special, but it served a purpose. Danny Glover, I felt, was slumming through the film from start to finish, saying his lines with no energy. However, the films biggest enemy is Sony not putting any effort into an endeavor like Proud Mary. They put faith in a critically-panned film like The Emoji Film, but not this. They keep proving that email right everyday. So while Proud Mary isn’t great, i’ll still take this over Atomic Blonde.

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