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TTM 27: That’ll Be The Day

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. Peaches

    Hi Rod and Bassey, thanks so much for the reviews. I just recently beng watched both seasons. The show was very sad. There are a lot of factors into why the house caught on fire. The batteries, the crockpot, Jack. And also lots of factors into Jack’s death. But I just have one thing to say. Why didn’t that damn dog start barking when the fire first started. He could’ve save the whole family!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassy!

    I’ll keep this short: Rod, I loved your live tweets during this special Sunday episode. Every commercial break I checked Twitter to see what my timeline was saying about the show and your tweets were always at the top of the list.

    I guess I am in the minority because typically I don’t cry during episodes of This Is Us, yes I have ‘this too much’ moments but tears are pretty rare for me. Even on this episode knowing that we were going to see how Jack dies and the immediate aftermath I may have sniffled once or twice but not many tears. UNTIL…Randall and Tess. OH MY GOD RANDALL AND TESS!! From Tess’s angsty teenage concerns of Randall appearing to want a new life (William, Deja, new job), to Randall telling Tess that she is his #1, I was sitting in my bed clutching my pillow trying to (failing at) hold back tears. But then (in my Bassy voice) HOW DO THEY CONTINUE TO DO THIS?!?! Just when we thought that Randall 2.0 was going to be fostered with the black Pearsons, they give us the ole okie doke and blam! It’s been adult Tess this whole time!!! Lord have mercy the tears I shed. And then in comes old man Randall. Excuse me NBC we need the black Pearson spinoff with adult Tess at the helm immediately. Not sure how I feel about Deja being back yet but whatever, this show is pure gold.

    Love the recaps!

    Love Tiffe!

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey,

    Y’all decided to record the last This Too Much before I could share my thoughts that I’d decided to send in for once, so this email is long. Feel free to pick over it.

    -Teen Kate’s bad attitude about Jack always seeing her as beautiful made me sad for her, even though I still wanted her to get mushed in the face. My dad is one of sixteen children and most of my uncles on that side of my family (biological and married-in) have CONSISTENTLY addressed their nieces as “Pretty Girl” as far back as I can remember. I don’t remember my own dad doing it, but my uncles were enough for me.

    From the end of elementary school through the end of middle school, I went through what I hoped at the time was my Ugly Phase. While I made an active effort to blend into the background of my own life (because braces and glasses at the same time wasn’t how I wanted people to remember me), my uncles kept addressing me the same way, and would engage me in conversation when I seemed to be withdrawn at family events. Having those men in my life who saw me even when I TRIED to be invisible in a room full of people has done so much for my emotional development.

    Maybe Kate needed more than just her dad to get her to the place where she could accept that there are some people who are always going to see her as beautiful, no matter what.

    -Grown Kate abandoning the new dog before she even made it out the door with him should have gotten her banned from that whole facility, right? The dog is in there BECAUSE he was abandoned and she had Lena doing all that paperwork just to skip out on the both of them. How did they let her get out of the car when she pulled back up?

    -That Miguel is diabolical! Having conversations with Kate where he nurtures her love for that dog to outrageous levels before he messed with the crock pot and sprayed the kitchen with some unscented accelerant.

    -Kate is lucky that Rebecca didn’t slap some fire into her face when she sent Jack back in the burning house for that dog.

    -Randall’s speech to Tess didn’t do anythingt for me because SHE didn’t feel the way that Jack made HIM feel, which should’ve been a sign to Randall that he was off the mark on his fatherhood goal. But when I realized that the social worker is Tess? I hollered and bawled. This show is too damn much.

    -Also, it’s proof that Randall lives at least THAT long, so unless he falls into a coma for 10 years, he’ll be around. I just need them to show us that Beth is still alive and with him.

    Thanks for doing the podcast and getting me into this show. Love you guys!

  4. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey I wasn’t ready…I wasn’t ready…I wasn’t ready!

    First of all fuck Miguel for training that damn dog to stay in the house while it was on fire!!!…lol

    Wow I really have to give it up to Milo and the acting he has done playing the character Jack ,that was amazing and Jack literally was a super dad.I like that the writers had Jack come out of the house with his family photos and Kate’s videotape and not just that damn dog…lol! Because I was about to say -I KNOW HE IS NOT GOING BACK IN THERE FOR THAT DAMN DOG! I liked how they shot Jack’s death scene -having it happen off camera like that was the right way to do it,but that whole time I’’m screaming at my tv Rebecca hang up the damn phone and go back to jack’s room..lol!

    Great performances from everybody and wow Mandy Moore as Rebecca-just wow! I still can’t believe I didn’t recognize that was an older Tess the whole time. That scene moved so quickly it was hard to process that reveal,but wow that was a great one! Also shoutout to sterling k brown still looking young as hell even with makeup on to make him look old.Typing this email after only watching the episode one time-so still processing everything.

    I figured the writers would eventually flash forward with the storytelling.But now I’m really sad because -WHERE THE HELL WAS BETH Rod and Bassey?!?!?!?!
    “WHERE BETH AT STRING!!!”(c) D’angeo Barksdale…lol
    I rather they divorced one another than to kill Beth off. Anyways going to rewatch and proves the episode again.

    Peace and love,

  5. Don Buley (@DonBuley)

    Started sweating bullets when you discussed the crockpot…because I was only about half sure I unplugged mine before going to work.

    I don’t just let any dog lick my face, gotta be 2 dog park dates *minimum*.

  6. Marci

    Naw…I love dogs and am white, but I do not let my dog lick my face. That is frigging gross. Sometimes she licks my hand, which is just a dog thing, and I go wash my hands immediately. Come on white people, get your shit together! I mean it’s annoying how much white folks do that stuff on TV. Ugg.

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