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1607: Chicken Behind The Glass

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Rod and Karen discuss the Grammy’s, Chris Christie gets new job, people regretting dissing HRC, Tyga, Grammy’s president, Questlove sued, black hair products locked up, new woman threatened, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Walmart might as well just lock up the seasonings as well because ethnic people seem to be the only ones who use them.

  2. Dia

    On the Grammy Awards:

    Fans of rap and R&B are not the only ones who have complaints about the Grammy Awards. Fans of rock complain there was only one rock band that performed; fans of gospel say they never show gospel acts; fans of classical music complain that they are not represented. People take music very personally because it has been with them through good and bad.

    But I also think it is sad when awards shows are becoming less about celebrating your accomplishments and more about putting yourself down to acknowledge who vocal fans wanted to win. For example, Alessia Cara should not have felt compelled to write a social media post basically apologizing about achieving a milestone in her career. I think it is the part of me that wants everyone to enjoy a wins in life.

  3. It's Kk Yo

    I live in North Las Vegas and my mom came home mad one day about the black hair products at Walmart being locked up. She said even the rubber bands were locked up.

  4. Coquinegra124

    I may have an unpopular opinion. I have always watched the Grammy’s and I always will; I was brought up in a family of musicians, played in an orchestra, sang for decades in choirs and music is in my soul. No, the Grammy’s do not always represent the *best* and they do short many artists of color, but there is something about seeing artists rewarded by their peers..so when Kendrick *does* win, it’s like when one of us succeeds in any other field; he worked super hard for it. Also, I like many forms of music and I’m anxious to see what’s new, to see Lin Manuel Miranda, CeCe Winans, Childish Gambino, and Ruben Blades (still waiting for him to sing on FWD) win so I can be happy. FWIW, Bruno Mars is a dynamic performer, that music was *everywhere* (even my old ass knows it) and I’m not mad he won. It’s not like he’s Pat Boone. But if you think you’re mad now, imagine what it was like when there were no rap/hip hop categories and none of us ever won urban contemporary awards. We’ve come a LONG way.

  5. Michelle

    I haven’t seen that at my local Walmart. But I’ll check next time I go in case something has changed. Maybe it’s a California thing.

  6. KelB

    Let me tell you how heated I was -and still am- the first time I experienced the racist ass WalMart Nap Paywall. I believe this is a nationwide Walmart trend and I’m here for the class action suit. I first got the slap in a LA location, and again in Vegas. I live two hours north of LA in podunk Bakersfield and they soon after started it here too. All the white ish is free for all. The black hair products (the few they even bother to stock) are in a separate section with the makeup, razors, etc… They have a cashier blocking the section so you have to pay for those items right there. Then you still gotta deal with the dumb ass cattle line for your TP and Patty pies. Damn them! They do got that Ecostyler for the cheap, but I just go ‘head and pay Sally’s that extra $2 sanity upcharge because I prefer my retail racism old school with an unappreciated personal shopper shadow. Shout out to that sister who was not here for the BS -Kudos! Love y’all!

  7. Cappadonna

    With FWBP about Wal-Mart, I give is this 100. Frankly, this is my everyday life out here in southeast Cali and I want to move out of this methed out, ignorant, racist hellscape. My wife and I speed through that racist town when we head to Palm Springs or San Diego. And when my wife worked out there, these crackers would cuss her out while she hooking up their benefits. That’s right, doing her job while white women was calling her ‘colored’.

    Just to note, Perris, CA is the same town where the creepy ass parents abused their 13 kids. And, they were also the cats protesting little kids at the immigration center outside of San Diego. Child molesting couple next door? My word, I didn’t know. Motion Control Lotion and Afro Sheen? Metal detectors and armed guards at Kroegers.

  8. Lee

    LMAO at people now trying to backtrack and say maybe Hillary wasn’t that bad !black people tried to tell you mf’s!!! Toobin,Chomsky and anybody who voted for ,tried to be fair to or was indirectly responsible for helping that nazi is complicit in all this Trump (cough *white nationalism) I mean presidency.


    Love y’all Rod and Karen,

  9. bamil73

    Rod, It was funny listening to you talk about the Grammy’s. Starting with how you don’t watch because it’s not worth it getting angry over the same shit year after year. As you listed out all the things you dislike with the Grammy’s, you just got angrier and angrier. Nigga, I feel you. Last year I watched the opening performance because it was A Tribe Called Quest, this year I realised it was Grammy night while I settled in to watch the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery at around 9:00 pm pacific time and google gave me a news article popup on my phone with a list of grammy winners. I tapped out of that shit a decade ago. Not least because as Jamaican, I know the reggae category is going to go to either a white reggae act or whichever Marley offspring had a project that year, because the motherfuckers that pick that shit have no clue about the actual music coming from the island. Now I’m getting mad.

    With respect to Bruno Mars and appropriation, I get WHY people can get mad at him or the system that rewards him. I mean Teddy Riley never got no grammy, but I will still jam to Bruno. I however am no reliable arbiter of taste cause I was bumping Snow back in the day, even though I didn’t understand a most of what he was saying.

  10. aimee

    So you go to the store to get some shampoo and it’s locked? That sends a million little signals and they are all negative. I hate this. The only reason you ever lock things up is when you don’t have trust. But they can’t act like it’s not personal because they have ZERO reason to trust any other customer either but they didn’t lock everything, did they. But when you see that (and your kids see it too) you think “do they think I am a theif or they think all of us are theives?” Not only that, they get it out for you and do you pay for it right then? No. You walk around with it and then what, it gives them a reason to watch you like a hawk? Terrible. It’s a trap.
    The next best thing (which I know is me coming from a white perspective) but ask for them to get it once you are at the counter, that way it inconveniences THEM more than you and also you know they will go get it ASAP instead of you standing in the aisle at their mercy and their leisure. Its overwhelming, the myriad of ways that this is wrong. But standing there waiting for someone to come open that case is degrading, and if it takes a long time you would just stand there getting more and more angry by the second. I also understand not wanting to make a scene at the counter, so basically it’s a no win. Having that case is just very wrong.

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