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SMR 172: Black Panther

Rod and Karen review Marvel’s Black Panther. We also talk trailers and respond to a listener comment.



    Astounding is what I’d describe Black Panther. The message, the dialogue, music, cast, the colors, etc. All of it’s beautiful. I had to stay away from some of the commotion from folks either downplaying the importance of the film or being insensitive dicks about BP giving black folks a grand time. I love social media, but sometimes, you got to step away from it all. Erik Killmonger is a compelling bad guy, from beginning to end. I wanted to have hope for the guy; alas, he wanted power in the end. He was so hurt & broken with his upbringing & just being left behind. As for the black female leads? All of them were so good, especially Danai Gurira’s Okoye, who was my favorite. Letitia Wright’s Shuri was dope & had me in stitches with her jokes. Lupita’s Nakia was compelling & forthright from start to finish. Special shout out to Winston Duke’s M’Baku, he killed that role. I’ve already seen this film three times & I’m trying to see it for a forth time, if necessary, just to be a show off. Y’alls review, conversation & twitter posting of BP have been great, too.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    There are no words for how amazing Black Panther is. I don’t know if you got to go see it in IMAX but it definitely worth the extra cost. Two of my four viewings were in IMAX and had I known how spectacular it would look, I would have made all of my advance purchases for this format. I am just waiting for the Blu-Ray to become available for purchase. I loved hearing your thoughts on SMR, TNO, PG and BAP Allstars where one of your co-hosts speculated about whether the realm of the ancestors was really an inner monologue. If that is the case, it adds a new layer to Killmonger’s pain — that on some level he knew his father had been wrong and that had he just taken him to Wakanda as promised, his dad would likely be alive and the monster that was Killmonger never would have existed. I told a friend who wanted to simply label Killmonger as crazy that to me he was a hurt and damaged child in the midst of a temper tantrum. I think T’Challa saw that and that was why he could empathize with him. As bad a Killmonger was, in some ways, W’Kabi was worse because his hurt over his father allowed things to escalate to a level it might not have otherwise. When he charged on T’Challa rather than let the challenge continue, every injury and death that followed was really on him.

  3. Selester63

    This movie is fantastic. I saw it 3 times and there was always applause at the end each show. I’m definitely buying the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out.

  4. Miss1ko

    excellent. The black excellence of this art is inspiring. The Tolkien whites in the movie were entertaining but didn’t give me too much white savior. I saw it twice in Paris and London just to see how it was received and London did not let me down. The hoteps are here for the side stepping though. Hop over them joints. Initially it was like Klaue was using Erik but no N’Jakada was using the pale coon. Such a Negroverture. Old sunken place switchout. Everyone’s actin was SO good. There was so much symbolism and layers to it all. I just loved it. And as per usual love the review.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    I reupped my premium monthly just so I can hear your SMR of Black Panther. I’m going to enjoy this for a month before I have to dip again. lol.

    I loved Black Panther. Although Erik Kilmonger was supposed to be the bad guy, I felt where he was coming from. If you had the power to even the playing field for those who have been oppressed in the worst way, why wouldn’t you? And his last line about burying him in the ocean with his ancestors damn near had me in tears. I understood.

    Representation matters so much. My 11 and 13 year old daughters really identified with the tech wizard and little sister shenanigans of Shuri. They were elbowing me saying that’s how we treat each other when Shuri and T’Challa were interacting upon his return. When she clowned his shoes, my youngest daughter was definitely saying that was her.

    My mom has grey waist length dredlocks. I asked my daughters if the Queen Mother reminded them of Nana and they nodded in agreement. My oldest then joked “wouldn’t it be cool if Nana was like secretly the Queen of a place like Wakanda?”

    Fantastical or not, it was great seeing ourselves on the screen.

    I think Agent Ross was in the film to show the audience the microaggressions Black People suffer. The side eyes Okoye and Black Panther kept giving white folks had the audience at the movie theater dying. It was like the same way we laughed during Get Out at the low key racism.

  6. dustdaughter

    I have never cried at a Marvel like I did for this one. I cried when T’Challa saw his dad again and when Erik got to see the Wakandan sunset. The acting was phenomenal across the board. And the boy that plays Little in Moonlight was at the end!

    I could have done without Ross as a character but I guess they had to put a ‘good’ white in there. Bucky looked kinda ridiculous in Wakandan garb but I’m glad his mind is right, thanks to Shuri. God, I loved this movie so much!

  7. Anzidavis

    Hi Rod & Karen, I went to a sold out movie theater, they had people that worked there dressed up as black panther or one of the women in the movie. I loved it, like everyone else waited to the very end of the long a$$ credits to see what is next. Marvel is getting all my money this weekend. I am still clapping and having tears of joy everytime I remember seeing the women kick a$$ and choose to live their life the way they want.

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