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1623: Natalie Portman Feminism™

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Rod and Karen discuss more Wakandan thoughts, working with TeePublic, Wendy Williams taking a break, Camila Cabello, KFC runs out of chicken in UK, Toni Braxton with Birdman, Dallas mayor wants NRA convention moved, racism at Sacremento school, Justine Damond memorial, Taking out the trash and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I laughed so hard about the KFC running out of chicken in the UK because it reminded me of the time when KFC started serving grilled chicken and Oprah gave everyone in america access to coupons for a free chicken dinner and they ran out of chicken. People were losing their damn minds. There were several news stories about it and of course they interviewed a bunch of black people. The buffonery in those interview were over the top. And I keep thinking about those british people with their proper english accents acting a damn fool.

    As for Cinemark not allowing big bags anymore, that’s another laugh because that’s not going to stop anyone from bringing big snacks in the theater. I am the queen of sneaking food into the theater. I brought in two burritos from chipotle, one for me and one for my husband, a bottle of water and some candy. Over the years, I’ve taken in wendy’s, taco bell, Panera, chinese food, a shrimp dinner, pizza and friend chicken. I am undefeated and those colonizers can’t stop me.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    In regards to Cinemark not allowing big bags into the theater, to be fair, I did not carry a big bag when I took my daughters to see Black Panther last Friday night. We tried to finish the Popeye’s chicken before we go to the theater but my oldest daughter is slow eater so I pushed the box containing her three tenders and a biscuit into the inside pocket of my trench coat. But, I did buy the collectible Blank Panther popcorn bucket and soda so it was even, right? LOL.

    I’m telling you Rod and Karen, I’m still riding the high of Black Panther. I was riding on the train and I saw a young black woman with her face made up like Shuri and wearing a black beret. As I exited the train, I said “Wakanda Forever” and she gave me the universal Black people nod. Yesterday, I was walking past a hotel in Manhattan. The door man was crossing his arms across his chest and bowing at every body that past the hotel’s threshold. They were ignoring him. (Guess the race.) As I passed with my daughter, I stopped, crossed my arms and shouted “Wakanda forever!” My man nearly fell over. We dapped hard, gave bro hugs, and were just so happy to make that connection. He said I made his day, and told my daughter that I was an amazing woman. My heart is still smiling. As my daughter side, Black Panther, helping Black people make new friends. LOL She then joked that I could stand in the middle of nowhere, shout Wakanda forever, and a black person would just parachute in to dap me up because the movie is that powerful. 🙂

  3. Richard

    I hope Black Panther “annihilates” Annihilation this weekend.

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