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1637: Poppa Cappa Johns

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Rod and Karen discuss Bruno Mars debate sparks up again, Alt Right rallies aren’t fun any more, Florida gun control bill, Black Lives Matter spray painted on FOP, woman discovers she’s white after 70 years, Iggy Azalea, Take Out The Trash, woman runs over sugar daddy, man pulls gun at Pizza Hut, daycare owner sentenced and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Takemina

    Seren actually uses “sensei aishitemasu” as a nickname on twitter because it is a quote from one of her favourite movies, Pacific Rim. It’s something Mako says to Stacker. It’s not appropriating.

    • rodimusprime

      Actually it still would be appropriated because it’s a Japanese like in the movie and the term was about respect. You o around calling yourself sensei and you are appropriating the same way she claims Bruno is appropriating.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    The story of the black woman who “discovered” she was white was sad. How desperate do you have to be to be in proximity to whiteness that you, a woman who is clearly black, to delude yourself into believing both your parents are white. It is so clear her birth mother’s husband wasn’t her father and that her racist half-siblings want nothing to do with her, yet she persists. Knowing that there is no way black people would have been allowed to adopt a white child in the south back then means nothing because the taste of whiteness means so much. Imagine being that unhappy with who you are that you want to be embraced by people who call you nigger.

  3. Steph S.

    OMG the Guess the Race this time was too much lol! When Rod had that pause and said Trontavious, I had the exact same reaction as Karen “Why is we playin?”. I damn near fell out and was laughing so hard at work that several of my colonizer co-workers were checking to see if I was okay. As always, you guys get me through the work week, both at the job and in transit. Keep up the good work poppin’ that flava and drippin sauce!

  4. Coqui (pronounced Coke-Key)

    I’m so tired of the “Bruno Mars is stealing Black music” argument that I voted with my wallet. I bought 2 CDs (well, I’m giving them to my Mom, but that isn’t the point, I’ll be able to have the digital copies). Bruno isn’t Pat Boone, he isn’t Elvis, he isn’t even Justin Timberlake. The little guy is a great entertainer who always gives credit where it is due, like Bonnie Raitt. Let him cook. Or spend your money on the artists YOU like, how about that?

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