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1646: What About The Guns In Wakanda?

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Rod and Karen discuss Killer Mike’s “apology”, racist sign, French lawmaker gets racist letter, racist school board candidate, racist 13 year old calls NAACP, Taking Out The Trash, woman marries tree, man steals fish in pants, mom gives baby weed and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Karen you had me rolling at work mocking that little racist white boy that was playing on the NAACP phone. But the sad thing is ….. I live in Marietta and I can see that being one of my ‘I don’t see color’ white co-workers’ sons. Love ya’ll, keep itup

  2. Latoya Foster

    KAREN! You killed it. First that Rachael Dozlesol comment ‘bitch. you white’ had me choking then the pundeliciousness!! Shoutout to you mama. Your puns get better and better.

    great show!

  3. Rekka Pryde (@Rekka_Pryde)

    Hold up…..Woman marries tree???!!! Wypipo must be at it again. Gotta peep this shit.

  4. Deason91

    Karen, your pun game was A++ this episode!

  5. Amani

    Thank you Rod! Finally someone with the integrity to tell the truth! The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a Wakandan with a gun. Everyone knows that. To quote what I assume we all heard Okoye say, “Guns, how empowering to the Black community with zero consequences.”

    Just like I only learn about safe sex from Insecure, I get all my views about gun control from actions movies. That’s why I can’t stand the rest of you hypocrites! Oh so you love Game of Thrones, but you’re mad at ME for pushing your son out of a window? Damn, be consistent

  6. KobaX

    This nigga invoking dr. Mlk name during his ‘apology’ sounds like he thinks Dr king died in his sleep. Very Trumpian of you mike good job smh.

  7. lamalamatime

    Oh my gawd Senegalese proverb??! Martin Luther King Jr quote?!! SHUT UP KILLER MIKE. You are a damn fool. STAPH IT, STAPH IT, STAPH IT.

    Whatta cuck.

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