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1652: The Think Piece Begins

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Rod and Karen are joined by Andy and Randolph of the Three Guys On Podcast to discuss podcasting, stand up in the woke era, Roseanne Barr threatens to retire, racist nurse starts a GoFundMe, cop beats black man for jay walking, white nationalist teacher resigns, man hits cops with chips, woman tasers her son to wake up for church, man tells cops to smell his fingers and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    I rock with the 3GO podcast! These cats introduced me to the world’s best documentary, American Pimp. So quotable, so good. “I’m out here trying to get me a nice, pretty, young bitch!”

    And on the topic of Rosanne…I ain’t got shit to say, but fuck her!

  2. EvieE

    I haven’t watched the Roseanne reboot even though I used to watch it the original series and enjoyed it. I won’t watch it now because frankly Roseanne is a horrible person and while I try to separate the person from the art, I refuse to support that. The fact that Dolt 45 called to congratulate her sealed it for me. They’re trying to normalize this presidency and I want no part of it. Roseanne is basically trying to get people to say, even though you voted for this jackass, you’re not a horrible person.

    I have a theory about this show anyway, my guess after the ratings came out for the double premiere was that ratings will eventually dwindle down. Not saying it won’t still having a following but it won’t be this big. They’ve already started to decline after the second week, hence the writers begging people to give the show a chance. Nope. Fuck Roseanne.

  3. Jane M.

    I totally missed the second GTR, the mom who tased her son to get him up for Easter church! I didn’t realize black mommas had upgraded from leather belts and extension cords to tasers. Ain’t technology grand?!

  4. Alyce

    It doesn’t matter if you think Chappelle’s trans jokes were “not that bad” or whatever. A bunch of trans people have said it was hurtful. Cis people do not get to decide what is or is not transphobic.

    • rodimusprime

      No one said they weren’t transphobic or not “bad.” We have had entire episodes on the issues with those jokes and why they were problematic. You must be new here.

  5. Charles

    I wish Roseanne would retire but she won’t.

    I agree w/ BrooklynShoeBabe. The Connors were not right-wingers back in the day. But also like she says, white people gonna white. #WhiteNonsense

  6. Coquinegra124

    I had to stop the playback to see the Muppets/BoneThugs video…how did I miss this?

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    I have not watched the reboot of Roseanne, but I was excited when I heard it was coming back because I really loved that show when I was in my late teens and twenties. Watching it as a young married, I decided that I wanted to be that type of mom–the one who was honest about the world and wouldn’t sugar coat things about life. Open minded but crass in her delivery. Claire Huxatable, another TV mom around that time, also seemed like a mom role model for me but she was too polished and calm–things I was not. However, when I found out that Roseanne was a Donald stan, I decided not to watch. What confuses the shit out of me is how Roseanne, the show and the character, somehow became the right wing family next door? The Connors weren’t religious, church going, or overly patriotic. Roseanne, the show, was really the first show that tackled gender stereotypes, openly talked about menstruation, family sexual abuse, vegetarianism, and mental illness. The Connor daughters were on birth control and having pre-martial sex. Roseanne was a female business owner. Jackie was a single mom. Dan had black and white friends. They talked about acceptance. There were two LGBTQ regular characters. It was the most left show out there. I don’t understand the trajectory. Dan on the show would care more about sports and be pissed about the politics around football, but Darlene would certainly support taking the knee.

    Anywho, I’ve gotten onto a rant. Dave Chappelle was right. White people going to white even fictional white characters.

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