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1655: Self Own

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Rod and Karen discuss Killer Mike comes for Joy Ann Reid, Azealia Banks comes for Cardi, SC politician pulls out gun, Lorde accidentally offends Whitney Houston fans, death penalty for abortion candidate, Meek Mill judge won’t step off the case, condom snorting, FNF song clip, Gary Owen, white woman wears cornrows to trial, Zoe Saldana dealing with racism, Stephon Clark past tweets, waterslide death, girlfriend kills man for dumping her, sex at McDonald’s, panty stealing judge and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Milaje Gear Solid (@mrtnhntr)

    If only Killer Merked wasn’t so eager to attack black women.

  2. Peachy_Yinka

    I can’t wait until Joy’s podcast this week! I know her and Tara are going to flame this nigga.

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