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1660: Beychella

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Rod and Karen discuss Bey performing at Coachella, black men arrested in Starbucks, Popeye’s progressive, teen shot at for asking for directions to school, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Taylor Swift’s version of September is how I imagine unseasoned boiled chicken would taste like if it was food. She should be called Becky with the damn nerve for performing that song. Maurice White didn’t die for that bullshit.

  2. EvieE

    Beyonce snatched not only my wig, my the soul right from my body. I got all of my mother fucking life. I found myself acting a damn fool and dancing along with her routines. Your fav could never because Queen Bey shut that shit down. They might as well have ended coachella after that because none of those other performances mattered after that.

  3. Chay-Chay

    Rodimus Nathaniel Prime I cannot stand you!!!! There I was enjoying the recap of Beychella basking in all that Blackness while I was getting ready for work. Hopped in the shower and there I was, sopping wet, half soaped up, with my fingers in my ears screaming NOOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it! DON’T DO IT!!! Ima cut you off (like a demented Trey Songz) but I couldn’t. I couldn’t take my fingers out of my ear for fear that Darth Becky’s mayonaise version of September reach my eardrums. I been avoiding that shit all week and there I was between a rock and a hard place screaming, because I REFUSE! Shame on you, sir. SHAME!!!!!! You a no good, low down, ear terrorist. I rebuke you!

  4. Marci

    The story about the 14 year old boy being shot at made me so angry and sad. I feel for his momma because I know if that was my kid I would be alternating between wanting to murder those shitheads and wanting to just hug my kid and never let him out of my sight again.

  5. Marci

    That cover by Taylor Swift of September is a monstrosity and an insult to the original. I had to go listen to the original like 5 times just to make sure that the bastardized version would not stick in my head!

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    I didn’t watch it live, but Beychella blew my wig clear off when I did catch it. I was utterly impressed with her outfits, breath control, and bringing all the blackness. It was like Drumline meets Black Panther and I was all for it. She gave us a two hour free ass concert. C’MON BEY. I want that crop top yellow sweater. Yes, I’ll be the middle aged mom with teen daughters wearing a bright ass belly showing Beyonce sweater. Bow down.

  7. Milaje Gear Solid (@mrtnhntr)

    A lovely piece from Earth, Wind & Taylor to kick off white people news.

  8. Shera

    That performance was so very very black. The band played the “Announcement from the great and powerful Oz” music from The Wiz. My edges are dust.

  9. D Ramsey PhDone

    Someone sent me the link to Beychella, cause I could not catch her on YouTube. I love her for her blackness and how she does more without saying much!

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