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1663: Maggie Joins The 53%

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. iicarly

    Bruh is it me or has this been the longest pregnancy ever… like I had a baby and 39 weeks is a long ass time but this is witchcraft bc Maggie ain’t even showing. Like where the boobs or the hip spread??? Got dammit where’s the belly? I need answers sway!!!! This who plot to kill rick ain’t gonna work I hope they know that! Rick got the fuckin commander of the Dora Milaje on his arm she gon kill for her man. Never mess with a black woman and her man.

  2. EvieE

    I think the handsome savior may be the key to ending this potential civil war. All he needs to do is lay it on Maggie one good time. Because good dick will either make you crazy or or it will calm you the fuck down. And since Maggie is in crazy mode right now, I think an injection of vitamin D will help.

    The same could be said for the P. Look at Rick. Every time he and Michonne have their “talks” Rick starts acting rational. You can’t tell me Michonne isn’t giving Rick that good good. So if the handsome savior can’t work his magic on Maggie, as Ms Smart would say, she’s the Feds.

  3. Amani

    I’m with you Rod, Handsome Savior likes Maggie. And she likes him back but she’s just mad she wants to fuck him back but she’s feeling guilty about Glen.

    And I’m gonna miss crazy eyes Rick and Murder Morgan. Maybe he’ll follow Jared to Black Lightning and he and La La can compare notes over seeing dead people.


    Hey Rod and Karen help me out here, first off, great episode, greater recap! Maybe I missed or overlooked a few things and looking for clarity. What was the significance of a lonely stain glass hanging from a tree 2 miles south east of west bubble fuck?

    Secondly, the cast we have? Do you feel it’s too large? Or do you feel with the different communities we have on the show that it makes sense? I mean how many times have we’ve seen Jesus this 2nd half of the season? Sometimes some of the characters don’t say shit or just not around! Makes you wonder why atleast some people weren’t killed in the finale. I do look forward to season 9 tho….

    Love you guys


    Ps where the hell was judith during the war?

  5. Charles

    I enjoyed the Fathom Events showing of TWD and FTWD. The theater where I watched in Greenville, SC was almost full, too. It was great to watch w/o commercials. The crowd was pretty tame, though there was an occasional Negan whistle, some cheers, some shouts of surprise. But not nearly as boisterous as it might have been. Didn’t really notice many people doing cosplay either. Might have been kinda’ hard to do that on Sunday night. Thoroughly enjoyed your recap. I was extremely disappointed that Maggie & Daryl joined the 53%. Civil war here we come.

    • Charles

      Oh, and I don’t think Jesus is really on board w/ the 53% plan.


        I agree, Jesus comes off like therapist, he lets you talk Your shit, analyze everything, then tries to talk you off the ledge! Shit he talked Morgan into walking half way cross the country!!

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