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1670: Chitlin Flavored Popcorn

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Rod and Karen are joined by Corey Glover to discuss dealing with fame, Kanye West tweets, social media addiction rehab, sex mad super slugs, Toronto restaurant racism, organic popcorn shop racism, man sues police for pulling him out of pool too late, man leaves daughter in car while at the bar, cell phone thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    It’s always nice to hear Corey on the show. Hope he comes on again soon.

  2. t0DDMF

    Hey y’all. So nice running into you at dat finity wars. I knew i heard somebody laugh during that Jurassic World trailer. That damn dinosaur opening up that window could be the biggest cyse i seen in a minute. I’m totally in. Anyway, kudos to Corey for being a great guest again. Around the conversation about kids and social media; Karen made a super important point. Parents DO tend to bury their heads in the sand as it relates to their kids’ social media. Not just with the amount of time they spend on it, but with the content they post and like. Just yesterday, i had to reach out to my cousin (13 years old) to warm him about the captions on his IG posts. To my surprise he was receptive and took it down. I was sure he was just gonna block me and move on lol but I think my approach came from a genuine concern for how his post could’ve impacted the person he talked about and the perception of him as an individual. I’m not a parent, so i can’t really speak to parental guidelines for dealing with kids and social media; however, Karen is spot on.

    Ok thanks guys. Take care!

  3. Artis25manning

    With the social media rehab, the kid clearly stated that his addiction to social media was a direct reaction to the pressure he felt to be perfect placed on him by his parents. His parent’s first reaction was to send him to social media rehab???? I’d like to see what kind of changes they’re making.

  4. lamalamatime

    That popcorn shop dude should have called those Black kids transients, instead of the n word, like that Chinese restaurant in Toronto.

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