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1677: Property N*ggas

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Rod and Karen discuss Off Set loses some jewels, Cardi B not beefing with Nicki, 2 Chainz proposes, Pepe stealing someone’s man, Roseanne has an Islamophobic episode coming up, The Blerd dating white women argument comes up again, LGBTQ news, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I ran into an old high school classmate a few years ago. He is a black guy who was a nerd but we were friendly and his locker was next to mine. We’d often talk about anime and comic books. He asked me to the prom and I said no. So when we reconnected, he told me that he didn’t go to the prom because I turned him down and it put him off of girls like me for a long time. He proceeded to show me his beautiful family. His wife was Asian. I just smiled and congratulated him and kept it moving. I guess he thought I whould be upset or something.

    Now here’s the kicker, I went to the prom with another black guy who even though he played sports, was also on the nerdy side. You see the guy who I turned down was nice, but he smelled like cat pee and musty arm pits all the time and his clothes were always stained. And more often than not his breath smelled like cool ranch doritos and doo doo. I didn’t want to spend my prom night holding my nose. But somehow he held that grudge without an ounce of self-reflection. And the funny thing is…he still smelled after all these years.

    Another funny thing, his name was Roderick too.

    So the moral of this story is a lot of these guys were probably rejected not because they were nerds but because they were whack. But I guess it’s easier to blame a black woman rather than having a little self-reflection.

  2. bamil73

    I must say, I too was a black nerd in high school (or as we call them in Jamaica, nerds). I was awkward as fuck, and this was the late 80s so nerd meant a different thing from now. Flash forward to today, and I don’t date black women. Actually I don’t date any women as my wife, a black woman herself, would frown upon that. All of this to say that those blerd dudes bitching about black women are just informed by white supremacy and don’t want to admit it. They don’t want to examine where their “preference” for non black women comes from, so they use these slights experienced as teenagers. All teenagers are awkward and unkind. To use teenage behavior to inform one’s adult life, is disingenuous at best.


  3. csick

    Just wanted to say that I miss the poetry/song lyrics at the beginning of the show.
    If you haven’t been doing it because it’s less work for you, I understand.
    But I don’t think I’m the only one who actually does enjoy them and doesn’t fast forward to the rest of the podcast.

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