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1679: Return Of The Mom

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Rod and Karen are joined by Rod’s mom to discuss children learning consent, Oprah smoking weed, Raleigh dentist ad, GA political ad, analog clocks thrown out of school, man breaks into Rihanna’s house, Cardi deletes her Instagram, KS cops can’t have sex during traffic stops any more, women need to breath for orgasms, black woman makes video after traffic stop, white woman calls calls on sleeping black student, Taking Out The Trash, White People News, drunk doctor, Victoria’s Secret thief, 95 year old grandma arrested and sword ratchetness.

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  1. mrwwilliamson@yahoo.com

    Return of the Mom was so good. Rod your mom is hilarious when she said “bloody weed” I was done. I laughed so hard. I see where you get your sense of humor. Looking forward to seeing her again.

  2. Amani

    It’s always great to hear the Queen Mother on the show and she was on fire! I just love y’alls relationship. She even had them Black women senses kicking that somebody did a “This is America” cover even though it’s the one we don’t speak of and will never play.

    And that fake weed story is exactly why LaLa was right. Does anybody have a problem selling some good old fashioned drugs? None of this rat poison green light bullshit!

  3. EvieE

    I love it when your mom is on the show, Rod, I see where you get your sense of humor from. I hope she comes on again soon. Looking forward to your father’s day episode. Your parents are a riot.

  4. FalconsDiva

    I live for when the TBGWT Parents come on and Mama TBGWT did not disappoint!

    I got so tickled when the Queen Mother asked if there was a cover of This is America, knowing that white woman did that video. The Caucasity!!!

    And this was THE BEST guess the race ever! I was crying at my desk laughing with y’all.

    Great show as always, love y’all!

  5. Dunedragon

    Hey Mama Rod, Karen and Rod,

    I’m one of those bad listeners that doesn’t subscribe premium, only 5 stars you guys and makes promises to donate next year in my heart. And worse, once there is no walking dead or dem thrones recaps, my listening frequency drops. But what I don’t miss is the yearly Mothers day episode with Mama Rod! Mmmm!

    Rod forcing me to be “that niggah ” in the comments. When you spoke on school clocks, my thoughts were schools need to teach kids how to decifer in quantitative analysis, etc. Getting them to understand how to decifer a clock should be cake. It’s not everything that you do in school that translates directly into real world application. But we should shy away from learning how to read a clock with hands unless world wide, less than 1% of watches and clocks use hands. Let’s not have a generation that when they travel internationally they are looked at as those dumb Americans just because they can’t read a clock in the airport.

    On Roman Polanski, I have to concur with others who think it isn’t handled the same way. I bet you there is no way Bill Cosby could take a flight out without being caught. Commercial or private .

    Another great podcast. Mama Rod’s hottakes are always hilarious .Please extend my regards to Mama Rod if she doesn’t listen to feedback episodes. Peace.

  6. Tiffany B

    I was sitting at my desk laughing so hard at the acoustic covers of This is America, when Rod said ” what song is this, that’s why your ass only got 11 views, this is Canada!” I almost rolled out of my chair!! My co-worker came in to see if I was alright. Then the dude starting singing and Rod started hollering! I CAN NOT with you all…This scourge that is plaguing America must be stopped!

    Thanks for the laughs…#47seconds

  7. Steph S.

    Sir! Sir! Listen–we need warnings! Better ones! Omg, the White People News covers…we did not have to do this! I was at work sir! I dropped plates because of this nonsense! I was not ready lol! That rabbit hole could have been left alone! The only thing that made this okay was hearing your exclamations of disgust at whatEVER that acoustic atrocity was in real time. I love you guys but enough is enough! What about the children, hmm?! Have you no shame or decency? THIS is the real black-on-black crime! #notmyamerica

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