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1683: WingChick

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Rod and Karen are joined by Tonja Renee Stidhum to discuss her new series WingChick, working as a black creative, crowd funding, being a boss on set, Zimmerman is broke, Blue Lives Matter bill passed in the House, black male porn star sues over racism, the dancing doctor, woman pulls gun in Publix, woman steals from son’s medical trust, police using prison labor and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_Swindu744

    Rod and Karen thanks so much for having Tonja (@EmbraceTheJ) on this episode-it was truly helpful,informative,interesting and thoughtful! As an aspiring screenwriter/filmmaker it was great to hear Tonja’s awesome advice and encouragement .

    Thanks again for this one Rod,Karen and Tonja!


  2. Rich

    Take Dat Shit to Trial Moe, TAKE DAT SHIT TO TRIAL!!!…I hope he wins. I hope he ends up renaming the site MoeOnBlondes or MoeFart. You know its ironic that the other black co-star didn’t sue as well, with a name like Nat Turnher, you would think? That company has been doing that racist shit for years (spring thomas, katie thomas, etc.). And Ryan Conner, it’s confirmed that you are trash.

  3. Coqui

    OK, so O.R.s can be a little less “formal” than you might think as a patient. I’ve been around them as a laboratory scientist checking on blood supplies a time or two an there is some inappropriate humor and sometimes some music. You want your surgeon to be as stress-free as possible when s/he is cutting on you, to be honest. However; dancing around? And filming if it is not for teaching use? Highly questionable. As to consent, patients probably did consent to allowing viewing of the surgery for purposes of quality and instruction. But your cosmetic surgeon should not be trying to be Michael Jackson during a procedure.

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