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SMR 187: Upgrade

Rod and Karen discuss the futuristic science fiction action thriller “Upgrade.” We also talk trailers and your comments on Solo.



    This film was dope as fuck. While A Quiet Place, for me, is a little bit better, as far as pacing goes, Upgrade does a lot for the horror/sci-fi genre. I appreciate how it’s pretentious, like say, It Comes At Night & Hereditary.

    It gets straight to the point, offers great commentary on technology & is well a directed. STEM’s a bad mofo. Straight-up. John Wick, Ethan Hunt & Robert McCall couldn’t beat that thing nor it being in somebody. People got fucked up in a fashion I haven’t seen in a long time.

    Logan Marshall-Green & Betty Gabriel did good work here, especially Betty. She got better as the film went along into establishing her character. As for the direction & human movement? My god. It was all amazing.

  2. Anonymous

    Saw it opening weekend and wow! Thought I was tracking and knew what was coming but Nope. Every performance was pitch perfect.

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    I saw the trailer for this movie awhile ago in the theater and even though it looked interesting I had forgotten about it until I saw it came out this week. I really enjoyed this movie; great action and I loved the double plot twist at the end. I agree with you both in that I would like to see a sequel. Also, Betty Gabriel, the actress who plays Officer Cortez (aka Hatin Ass Kima Greggs) is in Westworld season 2. Peace.


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