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1692: Jill Stein The Scammer

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Rod and Karen discuss Steven Universe, Miss America is doing away with the swimsuit competition, David Hogg’s house swatted, Kevin Hart first comic to sell over a million in the US, Chief Keef was shot at, Jill Stein recount money is gone, Bernie Sanders activist was paid to make sure black people didn’t vote, Rick Santorum says Obama exacerbated racism, woman stabs roommate to death, a petty obituary, cable man sexually assaulted and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    1. Sure Barack Obama made racism worse. Racist white people saw that a black man was in charge and freaked the fuck out. #sarcasm

    2. I’m here for the petty obituary. If your family is toxic or troublesome or just horrible people, air them out and then cut them out of your life. I’m just sorry those kids couldn’t express their pain until their mama died.

  2. EvieE

    I am here for that petty obituary. I hate it when people praise someone when they’re dead when they hated them when they were alive.It’s just really hypocritical. For instance if Trump dies, I’m going to crip walk for three hours straight.

    As for the people who donated to Jill the Scammer. They deserved to be bamboozled. She ain’t shit.

  3. vcthree


    Jill Stien, the candidate who spent all summer ’16 taking shots at Clinton and the Democratic party; the candidate who was photographed sitting at a table with Vladimir Putin and Michael Flynn; the candidate who rejected Nina Turner as a running mate only to sign up Hotep Amir Baraka; who had no interest in ever being president–this was the woman that desperate progressives donated cash money to because she claimed to want accountability…

    and yet those recounts, which they claim are ongoing, all ended in December 2016–Pennsylvania threw the request out and Wisconsin found 131 additional Trump votes. But she got a $4 million windfall to “build” the Green Party–who on a national level hasn’t done shit but run spoilers for president (Ralph Nader, 2000)–and suddenly it’s consultant fees and all sorts of bullshit that people’s money went to.

    As for Bruce Carter: how does a Black man go from promoting one side of the ideological spectrum to another in the same election cycle without it being elemental to either self-promotion or sexism? (Also, I remember when Marc Ruffalo was promoting Black Men for Bernie, all in the videos, smiling. I’m still sire-eyeing Bruce Banner for that shit.)

    Basically, people played too much in 2016 and allowed themselves to be played by people like Stien and Carter (though I’d argue Carter played himself fucking with that Trump set). And that revolution that so many were convinced was going to happen in the years of Trump? Look, Occupy Wall Street was almost 7 years ago, and people couldn’t keep the same energy to sustain that shit beyond 3 months.

    So basically, 2016 was full of shit.

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