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1695: Coonkies

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss LBGTQ news, Insecure season 3, Pusha T says beef is over, man deported after delivering pizza, man sues CVS for snitching, dancing plastic surgeon loses medial license, TV preacher plane update, Starbucks raising prices, porn leads to school shootings, Kenya Barris criticizes ABC, Van Jones is insulted by White House, Food worker calls black woman n-word, cops halt racist weed sting policy, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Shaniqua

    Hearing the story about the man suing CVS has me shook. I’m a pharmacist (not employed by CVS) and let me tell y’all, its levels to this HIPAA shit! My patients send their friends, co-workers, and even their neighbors to pick up their medicines for them, and almost always their designated pick up person asks “What is this medicine for?” Even if a pharmacy staff member doesn’t verbalize what the drug is used for, there are usually drug info sheets attached to the bag that spill ALL the tea. It’s inconvenient to customers, but it seems like the only way to keep this sort of thing from happening is to stop sending Benita Buttrell ass niggas to get your meds. But I ain’t one to gossip so you ain’t heard it from me!

    PS the dude suing CVS is cheating on his wife.He did that shit. Guilty as fuck *50 Cent/Kanan voice*

  2. Nic Ju

    Aye my babies! Yes, it true, Kanye and I are both Geminis. He’s the type of Gemini that everyone talks about when they call us evil. I, a good Christian bitch, am an actual angel. Cheers to another week of wonderful shows. I’ve been saving the shows to catch up all at once during the work week. Rod, it seems you and I were on the exact same wavelength this week. Our empathic twin thang is uncanny. I said almost exactly the same things you said about mental health, twitter and such on our show on Sunday that you mention on your feedback show I think. Karen, my heart, I miss you so much. Congrats on the live show and y’all keep doing your thug thizzle my nizzles. WARRRRRRRRRRRIORRRRRRRRRS.

  3. Amani

    Rod, I’m disgusted by you. For a show that prides itself on nuance and accuracy, I’m shocked to see you denying the obvious truth about shootings and porn. Oh so we’re just gonna pretend the most dangerous time in America wasn’t in 2005 during the prime of Onion Booty? A greater and more dangerous dynasty than the Warriors could ever be. How many children were lost in the Vanessa del Rio massacre of 1982? I’m just appalled!

    Oh wait, you said SCHOOL shootings. I thought you meant… nevermind. Yeah, that’s the dumbest bullshit I’ve ever heard.

    Always fun to have Justin back on derailing the program. Now we just gotta get Karen back on Balls Deep. Appreciate the grind!

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