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1696: Pancake Burger

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Rod and Karen discuss IHOP changing their specialty, Eminem concert gun sounds, supreme court rules Ohio can purge voters, DNC makes new requirements to run as dem, Catalan village voting matters, salmonella melon outbreak, racist Missouri waitress, black legislator stopped by security, white man owned a slave, Taking Out The Trash, man confesses to crime on news, Legal-Ade, staged robber and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sugarpop

    DAMN IT KAREN! Why did you have to bring up that commercial. This was the ONE space in my life where I didn’t have to hear about that K-pop group BTS. I have nothing against those guys, they can really dance but my tween daughter and her friends talk about them constantly! At home, at school, in the car. I can’t get away from them! People even talk about them at my job. They’re like Kardashians, I want nothing to do with them and yet, I know everything about them. For the love of God, which I know Rod doesn’t believe in, please leave them off the podcast!

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