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PG 150: Send Stevie J Back To Jail

Rod and Justin discuss a conversation at the Y, the Kardashians on Family Feud, Queen Sugar,  Pose, Basketball Wives, LHHATL, reality show news and your feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Melania,

    Rod I’m sure you may know by now but Kenny B’s Vietnam is on Netflix. I would love to discuss the different equations of Nixon and Trump with the constant being the trashiness of white folks and the variable being the creation and use of right wing media…..but I also caught up on Potomac.

    Justin! what are these ladies doing? I need Mueller to investigate Karen’s “charity” and why is Monique falling from grace? Speaking of grace, I love how Gizelle is handling this Sherman situation by not telling the ex-wife anything at all. You think Sherman’s son walked in on Gizelle like Blue did Ralph? I really thought Candiace’s fiance called her the c-word or something wild. She was mad that he called her spoiled. She’s the one who wants the entire ceiling covered up for the wedding. Candiace is my Porsha, she can be dumb but she is fine therefore I like her.

    Justin has anybody at your office talked about Trump and his mess at the border? I’m trying to see something.

    Peace yall,


  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    I heard 2 positions opened up at Viceland, y’all might want to submit an application.

    Justin have you watched a show called “Your husband is cheating on us”? It’s about a JD Lawrence who is like Kel Mitchell to Tyler Perry’s Kenan Thompson on the chitterling theater circuit. It focuses on him trying to get his cast ready for a new play(which is god awful based on the lines we hear). It’s got Ginuwine, yes that Ginuwine. And a white woman from Australia, but unlike Iggy she is talented and self aware. It’s about a black business and has a lot of black women in it, so i doubt it would be Rod’s cup of tea.

    Oh and have you guys watched Love Is? It’s got Lala from Black Lightening and it is based on the real life story of the producers of Black Lightening.

    Take care guys


  3. J-Full

    What up Rod and Jorder Patrol, I posted a comment a while back when yall mentioned Clive Owen but I think it got lost when the site went down. He has a new movie on Netflix called Anon. It’s a futuristic movie where everybody has implanted computers and there’s no privacy because everybody’s mind’s eye computer is recording at all times. It’s a really interesting movie. Made me think how people would behave if we knew someone could easily find out what we were doing.

  4. rodimusprime

    Wussup Fellas!

    I have no snarky name for Justin cus this is about my good name!

    I want to address a comment Rod made about my reaction to Chase having apologized to Justin. I don’t think we can trust it until the official ‘He Knows Better, For Real, For Real’ period has passed. Religious texts* define this period as three years after apology date and NOT at the point where observers notice a change in the racist’s behavior.

    Also, fun fact, Jay says my legal name in Friends. I’m not saying he is referring to me. But I am NOT not saying that either. Therefore, y’all will respect me as the Beyonce adjacent goddess I am!

    Ms. Smart

    *Based on my belief that we can twist religious texts to say whatever we want it to say.

  5. chubbzero

    What’s up rod and justin. I know you guys watch a lot of tv as it is, but I was wondering if you could get into the handmaid’s tale, the dystopian story of near future new England that has taken over the u.s. government. While I will admit, some scenes are hard to watch, I find the plot to be very intriguing with great acting. I tried to find other podcasts on this but I really like to get your opinions [and karen’s] also.

    • J-Full

      nigga!!! I been itching to get some niggas into The Handmaids Tale! Plus OfFred’s baby daddy and bff are black!

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