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PG 153: Stokes!

Rod and Justin discuss taking social media breaks, Chris Brown back in trouble, money vs justice, Queen Sugar, Pose, Luke Cage, Basketball Wives, Love and Hip Hop, Claws, listener feedback and Deb gets paid.


  1. Anonymous

    I’m gonna make this one short for once. POSE GOT RENEWED FOR SEASON TWO!!!!

  2. Amani

    Ms Smart be knowing! She told y’all not to trust Chase, but you wanted to believe in the power of redemption instead of the word of a brilliant Black woman. Look at what happens!

    And then she put us all up on game about Marjorie Harvey only hours before news broke about her doubling down on the bag with Steve messing with Kris Jenner? Legend. At this point I’m convinced Melo just wants to go to Houston to take advantage of the cheaper real estate prices and no-income tax so he can finally get LaLa that building.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Justin,

    I can not wait to hear your comments about this week’s episodes of Claws (jaw drop after jaw drop, with that knock you off your feet ending; I’m torn between feeling bad from Desna and being like you’ve really lost your way when Roller is making sense when discussing your connections to the Russian and Uncle-Daddy) and Pose (tears upon tears upon tears, plus we got music from Donny Hathaway and The Wiz; if the tears didn’t flow from you with this episode, whatever is broken in you might not be able to be fixed cause Billy Porter was ACTING!).

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