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1713: Black Eggscelence

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Rod and Karen are joined by Lashonda to discuss her work with the MTR Network, photography, Doctor Who, Cloak and Dagger, Steve Harvey divorce rumors, Chris Brown arrested, MAGA Hat teen, pool racism, black grandmother forced to use the bathroom outside, woman arrested while visiting her son in jail, woman shoots son for trying to put her in a home, egg vandalism and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Wendy

    No! No! No! You didn’t just slander Nigerians while talking about the evil Kristeve spawn.
    You sir will be getting another letter from your Uncle’s Esquire! Time for you to claim that inheritance. Ha!

    Looooved the episode per usual!

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    I enjoyed this episode so much. Great guest. The story of the 92 year old pistol packing mama killing her son because he wanted to put her in a nursing home was too much. I was hollering on the subway. I really thought it was a black woman with the last name of Blessing. I looked up more information on the story and it turns out there was 13 guns in that house, and only two were in Mrs. Blessing’s name. *smh*

  3. kierarider

    RE: people having sex in the pool

    “This Ain’t Good Times” had it right – it’s “getting some head BY the water!”, not sex in the pool! Lmao

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