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1716: Better Ingredients Better Racism

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Drake, Papa John, Justin McClure, Adam Housley, nurse dies at canyon, woman drives with man on her hood, suburban mom robs neighbors and sword ratchetness.

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  1. J Loo

    Hey, I saw you posted a screenshot of my comment on Twitter— my intention wasn’t to cause trouble for you on our platform—- feel free to delete it and/or ignore it. A better way to explain my position would be just read tweets by anyone referencing #notyourmule #marrysametwitter #UnilateralRaceLoyalists

    -Justin McClure’s jokes were dumb as hell and offensive— I wasn’t defending that (from a comedic or racial standpoint), just sick of the hypocrisy of black women (and yes, it is mostly black women celebrating the social media downfall of McClure family) who make excuse after excuse for black men who continually and unapologetically do worse. They want black women afraid to explore their options because of racism yet ignore or excuse misogynoir.

  2. J Loo

    Re: Justin McClure: the outrage isn’t really about his lame jokes, which are tame compared to the hateful shit spewed at black women by black men on all social media, music, comedy specials, the defense of R Kelly and Cosby, etc. It’s about his wife, Ami, a dark skinned black woman who had the “audacity” to marry out. The fact is the black people outraged about his 7 year old tweets are very quick to 1. Call for forgiveness for famous black men (ex. making excuses for their youth) who’ve said hateful shit about black women in general or outright abused them with photographic and video proof 2. Excuse the horrific ACTUAL crimes (not just jokes) perpetuated by black men towards black women— including black transwomen (in sexual assault and murder, black men kill their women more than other races of men kill their female counterparts), 3. Publicly elevate the image and value of other races of women with zero apologies (black men have been marrying white women since Frederick Douglass but are angry about the Black bachelorette, Serena W., Eve— they’ve even disavowed Megan Markle’s Black parentage even though they usually try to claim biracial and “exoticals” as black women when convenient— all because she married a white prince) . This is about punishing Ami and they fucking know it. Black men have an extremely low marriage rate overall and when they DO get married, 20% marry other races of women (even higher for educated black
    men). Their interracial coupling numbers dwarf those of black women— BUT! There has been a 30% increase in black women marrying interracially from about a decade ago to now. They, those who want to believe black women have zero options and should sacrifice themselves for a community that the men have abandoned, are pissed more black women are doing whatever they want— & Justin McClure’s b.s. is a convenient target. And if they really are big mad or so concerned, why are they holding a white man to a higher standard than black men— like, how does that work? Should black women just EXPECT poor treatment from black men because to expect more is futile? (side note, the black out of wedlock rate is like 72 to 77% in recent news. Black men father children with white women out of wedlock at a rate of over 90% so they aren’t really treating white women better. Black men’s interracial divorce rates are super high. Black women and white men’s divorce rate is the lowest of all pairings.)

  3. Evie E

    I rarely eat chain restaurant pizza because the Philly area has way too many great pizzerias to bother. But every now and then I may have some chain restaurant pizza when I’m out with friends or if they have a really good deal. Papa Johns is the lowest of the out of them all. First Pizza Hut, Dominos, Little Ceasars and then Papa Johns. Actually, I’d take a frozen pizza over Papa Johns. The dough is too chewy and the sauce is too sweet. I think they only really thrive in places that don’t have a lot of competition and I’ve never seen anyone order it without a coupon. How can you be racist when your pizza is trash? I have to be honest, if he dropped the N bomb on the regular and the pizza was delicious….I might still buy the pizza on the low. Chick fil a is problematic but I just can’t quit them. I know, I’m trash too.

  4. Amani

    I’m like Karen, I didn’t know the names of these apples I just eat them. So after a week of Rod speaking the gospel I went and looked them up so I could understand. But as soon as I figured out which ones were which, I knew y’all niggas were lying your asses off! Ain’t no way anyone doesn’t admit Granny Smith’s are the best. I’m not saying you can’t like a pink lady or Honeycrisp, they’re delicious, but ain’t nary a one fucking with Granny Smith.

    But one way I’m not like Karen? I don’t feel the need to lie about eating at KFC to defend them from slander. And this ain’t the first time either. She tried to ride for them the last time Rod spoke the truth a couple years ago and we had to have a poll for episode 1161: Thanks For The Love. Yes, I bring receipts! The results were almost identical to this week which is how you know TBGWT is doing scientific work.

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