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1726: Chicago Ray

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Linda Mitchell

    Please give the to Avery Jay (?) store. I couldn’t find his Shopify.

  2. Anonymous

    I perfectly agree that there are so many useless men out there in the world. When I was growing up my mom use to always say that I as a man I did not need to learn how to cook because I could always find a woman to cook for me. She use to tell that to my sister. Or if I had bad habits like not cleaning my room or something that obviously should not be done by your kids, she would always say that whenever a woman came along that I liked I would stop doing whatever trifling behavior I had at the time. I feel like she did not try hard enough to actually raise a man. I never had any male role models. It was only me my mom, sister, and grandparents, I have an uncle and a grand father but they was never real role models. I dont even wanna have kids because I wonder well what if I have a child and it’s a boy. What the hell am I going to teach him. I never had no farther or role models in my life. I am currently 27 and everyday it feels like I am just winging man hood and just trying to figure this shit out. Weather its career choices, how to treat a woman, ect. I am clearly not dumb I am not a useless man. But I do feel that my life would be so different if I had some level of guidance throughout my life even just a little bit.

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