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1736: All Trump Voters Are Racist Or Complicit

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Rod and Karen discuss Fox News audience is almost all white, phone calls from jail will be free again in NYC, Papa John’s considered hiring Kanye, Tamron Hall inks deal with ABC, AirBnb cancels reservations for white supremacist, nonvoters handing Trump the election, Charlottesville declared state of emergency, asbestos is back baby!, kicked out of bridal party, fake Jordan ring busted, man threatens to blow up woman’s house, Essence Fest vacation scam and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Something was up with that last bridal story. There is no way that bride would sever ties without something up. That woman was embezzling or she was spreading gossip or tried to sleep with the bride’s man. There is absolutely no way they’d turn on her so completely with no explanation. She knows what she did because there were too many holes in that story. I’ve had plenty former co-worker who have been laid off and some of them I’m still in contact with. That story was not like the other two.

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