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PG 160: Pay What You Owe

Rod and Justin discuss using the bathroom in public, YMCA basketball, people borrowing money and not paying you back, working in college, work friends, Snapped, Lauryn Hill and Bey a friends, Crazy Rich Asians, Basketball Wives and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and J Doja Cat,

    I am writing to address Justin’s racism on the last show. Hello Kitty is Japanese, Crazy Rich Asians takes place in Singapore. That is like expecting MLK to show up in a movie about Hati . Asian differences is like Caribbean differences, just because they are in the same the general area doesn’t mean they are the same or fuck with each other.

    On Insecure, I think they are reeally handling the toxic pride that can infect black men very well. Daniel is a producer, but he thought his beats were the gift from god and tried to give it to a nigga that just wants to rap about chains over some base. Isn’t part of his job knowing the right music for the right artist? You don’t bring sushi to the cookout and you don’t bring neckbones and some greens to your office lunch. You got to know your market.

    Oh one last thing when is the Atlanta date for Justin’s Hands Across
    America Tour? I want to make sure to get the week off.

    Anyway take care


  2. bamil73

    Hello Rod and J. Glasper

    Rod, would you please brief Justin before the show about the jokes that you will make because sometimes he doesn’t get it and it ends up with you making him look stupid, and we won’t have you coming for our Light Skin God. Shout out to the main show feedback.


  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod and Justin,
    I love the Pregame Show so much. I like listening to you guys just talk about stuff, especially all the YMCA shenanigans. I feel like that teenager hanging around the grown ups and hearing them talk shit I’m not supposed to be privy to. Or like being the cis straight woman getting a fade at the men’s barber shop.

    Rod, I love how your petty is set up. You’ve shown it before and I. STAY. IMPRESSED. You made the time to make a spreadsheet in college! Boy! You good.

    My 13-year-old daughter walked into the room as you were finishing the story about how your Dad wasn’t the type of dad that would tell you that you better not come home if you lost a fight. She looked at me, laughed, and said “Why you and Daddy not like that?” I tried to front, but she called me on my bull. “Mommy, you said if someone hits me that I should kick them where they’re vulnerable–vagina, balls, shin, poke them in the eyes, stomp on their foot and put them down.” I just shrugged and said “Self defense. You don’t have to start a fight, but you damn well better try to end it. However, I wouldn’t get mad at you if you lost.”

    I think it really is something ingrained in older black generations of not letting anyone get the upper hand anymore. Maybe people rationalized us being enslaved as “caught slipping” and that we will never be caught slipping again. Part of it is also probably steeped in proving one’s masculinity for men.


  4. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Cohen,

    It’s been a minute yall, I feel like between my job and this Trump shit one week feels like 2 years. I haven’t been able to keep up with most of my shows so I don’t mind at all if yall don’t recap everything during the pregame. Except for Insecure, I need yall to recap that because I’m still #teamLawrence and love Bassi’s campaign to remind us that he’s better than Daniel.

    Justin, did you ever get that pizza somebody left on your front step? The Potomac ladies were great but I’ve found a new show you might need to watch. You heard about this show called “Seven Year Switch”? It sounds like a show created by Dro and directed by an Atlanta nigga. It’s about 4 married couples that go into switch therapy…which means they switch spouses. At first I thought this would be some Trading Spouses shit, but they make it tempting because they put the new couples in nice houses with other ideal conditions for 2 weeks. The next episode the spouses get to meet the people who got switched so the show is getting messy. Could yall have drinks with the dude who lived with your wife for 2 weeks?

    Peace yall!


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