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1746: Fiscal Coonservative

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Rod and Karen discuss preparations for the live show, LGBTQ news, Kanye West apologizes, Racist college QB, Ron Desantis, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Anonymous teacher.

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I have been wanting to write you two for a while but have been crazy busy with the start of school and life. I really appreciate your show and I love you all so much. Warring long letter coming………I am a teacher and we (my husband and I) have been listening to you show for over a year now. We finally became premium last month and I am happy we did. Keep up the great work. Before school starts we always have professional developments about all kinds of stuff to get ready for the school year. We had a couple PD’s that seriously got to me. We had a meetings about mental health with students and active shooter information for all teachers. In these meetings they presented us with data, what do do if we have an active shooter on campus, videos that focus on one kid and not the real one that does the shooting, and an actual 911 tape from Columbine. In general I felt extremely triggered, bothered and highly emotional. I felt that they are trying to get us to pay even more attention to our students which we already do this day in and day out and find more warning signs to prevent school shootings. It feels like if something was to happen at our school they will be talking to us, the teachers that literally see them for less than an hour a day and ask us what did we do. Teachers are already highly sensitive to school shootings so we know that they are serious. What was interesting to me that some of my coworkers didn’t know that school shootings have been happening since the beginning of the 1900’s. We watch our students constantly because many of us are scared that it will happen at our school next. I understood why they gave us the data and mental health information on school shooters but what I didn’t feel was needed was a 911 tape played for us. The played the actual 911 tape from Columbine. We were hearing screams gun shoots and everything. I wanted to leave but no one was walking at the time. I just looked around and saw over half the teachers in the room sobbing and I was one of them too. I cry at almost every school shooting. I did learn something new that a little under half (about 45%) of all mass shootings are done at schools. We were even told that there isn’t a “type” for students that could do a mass shooting so we need to pretty much highly watch all of our students even more than what we were before. I love my job and I am pretty great at it but it is becoming really hard and I know I can’t stay in this field on top of everything else we have to do. It is sad that my job has come to this and that no one, NO ONE at all will talk about the real issues are that gun are horrible and we don’t need them. I wish we could ban them like you have talked about many times on the show but I know that is a fantasy and America loves their guns more than their people. I just wanted to let you know there are lots of people that agree with you and keep talking.

    Love you two

  2. FalconsDiva

    Rod, I’m also an empath and watching the video of Kanye’s apology had me feeling some kind of way. There’s a stark contrast from when he was making the slavery comment or hanging with Trumpsters. I can’t explain it, but there’s a look in his face and a tone in his voice that makes me more concerned for him than mad at him. Recently in my spin class, the instructor played the videos for Otis and Ni**as in Paris. Kanye looked so happy in those videos and I just want him back in that space.

    And I’m not even a Kanye fan, I’ve just watched him vacillating between what seems like sanity and insanity over the years. I would never try to opine on his mental state but it’s apparent when he needs help.

  3. thatTish

    Kanye really sat there and apologized for our FEELINGS about what he said. Unless there was more that he said at another point in the interview, he never took his words back. Never said that he didn’t actually BELIEVE what he said. He just apologized that the MAGA shit and what he said about slavery hit people hard and then nobody asked directly if he still believes it now.

    Whenever somebody apologizes, I listen for an apology for what THEY did, even if a shitty excuse surrounds it. Anything else is just fluff to try and get us to back off of them. I would’ve felt more for him if he’d just said “Y’all, I was trippin. My bad” . He basically put the blame on us for being offended, so he can still kiss my ass.

  4. Niggamort (@Blike_Dante)

    What’s up Rod and Karen. Just wanted to swing through and show y’all some love because it’s been a while. Good luck on the coming live show and I’m very proud of y’all.

    Signed Jeremey, Bacon Grease Baron of CSPN

  5. rngulledge

    Rod, could you make this playlist public, please? All the songs you played were indeed my shit. Excellent show as usual. Thanks for all that you and Queen Karen do!

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