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TTM 40: Fresh-Like

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In a very special episode Rod and Bassey discuss Issa Rae’s “Insecure.”

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  1. Sefe

    My heart… is so full. Full of Kelly. Full of LAWRNECE. And FULL OFF THAT FERRIS WHEEL. Amen.

  2. Trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    First, just have to say that Issa and Company did their thing with this -even better than last week. They really should submit this episode for an Emmy because it was truly that good!

    From beginning to end this episode was a masterpiece from Thug Yoda and Issa’s “oh shit” to myself saying “oh shit” when Lawrence showed up at the end.

    Molly: Molly please stop letting yourself get played by this dude in your office -he did it to her face in that meeting with her bosses and she still don’t want to see the truth. She ruined her whole weekend making that bad decision.
    LMAO at Molly on Molly on Molly on Molly

    Tiffany: why was she pouring the water out of her water bottle like that…..mwahahahahahahahaha, seriously what was she trying to do with that water..lol. But you could see that sadness in Tiffany’s eyes she knows her life is going to change once that baby comes and they definitely might not be able to hang out with each other like they used to, it’s always sad when that happens.

    Kelley: She owned this episode from the first edible , then the molly,even more edibles ,(C’mon lil’ nigga ),getting into a fight with the WHITES ,then the tasing and the pissing her pants. But Kelley rocking back and forth on that couch took me the fuck out – I had to rewind my DVR at that part,that rocking had me lmao!!! I thought she was going to knock Issa out and I understand why she would -hell its Beyonce at Coachella!

    Nathan: On Nathan all I’m going to say is this – I hope there isn’t anything wrong with him but I still feel something isn’t right about him. I kind of agree with Donna’s comment that he might be a Stage 5 clinger (because I noticed his eagerness to come into her place after Issa and Nathan busted a freestyle on the Ferris wheel – I was like damn nigga let her rest…lol) or might have PTSD or something from Hurricane Harvey in Houston….something about his ass just-is-not-right!!!!…lol. From the previews for the next episode I hope we do get some more info on his background from Chad or Lawrence or maybe both of them because ….something….isn’t….right…about….him!!!

    Issa: Issa the lady of the hour or 30 minutes I should say,she was comedy gold. This episode was one of the first one’s were I saw Issa’s character really glowing and in a happy space. Too bad it won’t last- something is not right about him…lol. Issa and every character she was acting with in this episode brought it, I don’t know what else to say about this episode. This episode of Insecure should definitely get an Emmy nomination. I really hope Issa takes that job at the music performance non profit-it would be perfect for her. I’m glad Bassey brought that up the last TTM episode-about wanting to know what Issa’s real passion is career-wise,because I have been wondering the same thing.

    Let’s broaden our minds!


    He back! Break out the BestBuy shirts and for those in the cold weather,the Carl Thomas sweaters…lol.
    #LawrenceHive assemble!

    Looking forward to :

    I totally agree with everyone who thinks that Lawrence and Nathan already knew each other either through Chad or directly by Lawrence being one of Nathan’s clients. But I’m sadly thinking for next weeks episode it might actually be a closure episode for Lawrence and Issa’s relationship once and for all – especially since she threw all the old mementos she got from Lawrence in the trash. I of course hope that I am dead wrong about this,so we just have to wait, watch and see !

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey for another great one!


  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    So Beychella gives us the return of Lawrence and two lol Kelly lines, and a lol moment “I bet you voted for Jill Stein,” and “Why the white people get to stay?I know, cause they white,” followed by her being tased.

    Something is not right about Nathan, who comes up with Coachella tickets on a moments notice? Those tickets cost hundreds of dollars when you get them legitimately. In stead of a closet felon (which I had been leaning toward), is Nathan an undercover rich guy?

    You know it’s going to be revealed that Lawrence has his shit together and Issa will be left feeling some type of way.

    This was the first episode where I liked and sympathized with Tiffany.

    Issa telling Trina she was a ghost was hilarious. It was the first clue that this was going to be an on point episode.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hi guys,
    I wanted to give my theory of Nanceford. He’s a stage 5 clinger. They went on that long ass date because he kept looking at her and saying “what we doing next?”. He told Issa he didn’t call because he didn’t want to seem clingy “he’s done that in the past.” He assumed he was going in the house with Issa after the ferris wheel. He just got hooked up with a ticket to Beychella? How many days was he waiting outside that taco stand waiting on her to show up? I’m probably tripping but my granny always told me you can’t trust a nigga with light eyes.

    Love the show, Donna.

  5. Rexdelacoeur

    Shout out to Bassey for saying what I was thinking: Nathan has a connection to Lawrence. I don’t think they are related though… I think the client that cancelled on him IS Lawrence. And we’re going to find out that the mobile barber is having an app developed by Lawrence since *WOOT WOOT* was supposed to be a location based black people app.

    • Rexdelacoeur

      (I hit post too soon by accident)

      Once Issa and Nathan get in their groove, Nathan is going to have to meet Lawrence for something and drag Issa along and -boom- now she’s having to confront Lawrence when he has his life together and found a way to make his dreams work. And it’ll true back into the themes of the first few episodes of men letting their this get in their way of work/successful (sub Lawrence or Nate for Daniel…)

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