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1761: Hurricane Kanye

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Birdman, border patrol agent has the worst gender reveal ever, Kanye West, racist refuses to tip black woman, Ruqaiyah Morris resigns, taking out the trash, teacher’s 1080th day of school, roofer kills co-worker with saw, man with no arms stabs tourist and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I’m convinced that Kanye doesn’t believe in any of the bullshit that he spouts. And that almost makes it worse because at least if a person has real convictions you can kind of respect them unless their ideology is completely repugnant. But this guy doesn’t believe in anything and simply says provocative things to get attention. Maybe it’s mental illness, maybe not. But as long as people keep paying attention to him, the wilder the things coming out of his mouth will be. Not paying attention to him is his kryptonite. Once I realized that, nothing he says bothers me anymore. Kanye could walk around with a nazi symbol on his chest and I wouldn’t blink. And sadly that seems to be where he’s headed.

  2. Freezer

    [Note: Feel free to skip this comment if you’ve already been buried in “well, actually” on this subject]

    Following up on your convo on LGBT representation in children’s shows: While The Legend of Korra really could only go so far in portraying Korra and Asami’s relationship, the same isn’t true for the official post-series comics. Starting with the mini-series “Turf Wars”, not only do Korra and Asami share several in-panel kisses, but other characters, including Aang’s daughter, Kya, and one of the previous Avatars, Kyoshi, are revealed as LGBT as well.

    It may not be the exact reaching the exact same audience as the cartoon, but the comics are still meant for younger readers. And at least the showrunners (who are the head writers of the comics) aren’t trying to claim LGBT cred long after the gay character is dead and the series ended. (Looking at you, Rowling…)

  3. Jaris Cole

    All I can say in response to this episode is “THANK YOU!” I’m going to suggest this episode to the men (especially the younger ones) in my family and in my circle. It’s a MUST listen!

  4. AO

    Happy birthday, Rod! Congratulations to you both on the live show. I was so happy to see your dreams come true – well done! I wish I could have been there.

    I just had to reply because I’m incredulous at the thought of White Tyrell in guess the race!

    Speaking of Tyrell, I miss ‘Hatin’ ass Tyrell Jones!’ What’s he up to these days? Miss groupie tales.

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