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SMR 207: Venom

Rod and Karen review the Sony not really Spider-man universe related Spider-man film “Venom.” We also discuss trailers but we didn’t get any comments.


  1. rodimusprime

    SMR -Venom
    It’s old, so I’ll keep this short. This movie is as bad as you all said it was. I watched the whole thing, and am still confused. Idk how any of this venom stuff works. I really should’ve just avoided the movie altogether. I fucked up, cause I watched Spider-Man into the Spiderverse, and thought “nah, they couldn’t of messed up Venom that bad”. Nah. They did.

    I should’ve just went to bed. I’m sorry you all had to review this movie. But I appreciate y’all. Love you guys!


  2. Miss1ko

    the best part is the venom eddie bromance. I’m sorry but Michelle Williams face and wig were such a huge distraction for me. I like her as an actress so I was so confused by that horrible wig and whatever she did to her face. The action scenes were fine to me. But the story telling and the morality of Eddie were thumbs down.


    After walking out of Venom & sitting through two of those post-credits, I had this weird epiphany, which was, let Sony make these terrible, Non-Spiderman films. Just let them. We just have to live in a world, where not all of these Comic Book films won’t be critic or fan acclaim. Eventually, these characters will go back to Marvel & they’ll be done justice in the mothership that’s the MCU.

    Anyway, yes Venom is trash, but it’s not epic trash that I was expecting. Despite no ties to Spiderman, this is a by-the-numbers movie that tries its best at being competent. Tom Hardy, bless his heart, is trying to make Eddie Brock relatable & it’s pure struggle, to say the least. The things he did in this joint, made me laugh in embarrassment, cringe at this lines or shrug. When he does become Venom, it becomes a bit more tolerable to deal with. Best line of the movie is when he did call Brock a pussy, cuz he didn’t want to jump down a building, just to take the elevator. Also, he is a terrible journalist. Michelle Williams is here for the money, which I respect the hell out of her for saying that. While she sucked in this film, I get it. Riz Ahmed was wack & bland as all hell in this. Jenny Slate is way better than this, but like I said with Williams, I get it. Woody Harrelson had a fine cameo.

    The action scenes were OK. I didn’t enjoy the climax fight between Riot & Venom, due to the poor camera work & the symbiotes are just ugly. Think Tetsuo’s ugly final form from Akira & this is the bullshit they came up with for each host. Just ugly. They Cuban-B’d the way each Symbiote took over certain folks. I never read much about Venom in comic lore, but I know that’s not how that works.

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