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1765: Welcome Back To The Cookout Tay Tay!

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Rod and Karen discuss Taylor Swift finding her voice, Elon helping Flint, Sheriff wants to depose R. Kelly, fake anti-feminist video, alligator found in Lake Michigan, DC tipping update, Snoop Dog disses Kanye, Leslie Jones, Jeff Flake’s bigot son, Jason Van Dyke conviction, student expelled for not standing for pledge, Alabama man’s racist Halloween decoration, prostitute robs cop, man on parole makes video about taking off ankle monitor, Fitbit data catches murderer and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I admit I used to call Taylor Swift Queen of the Beckys. Now I’ll just call her Becky. But no, she can’t come to the cookout because she can keep her bland ass potato salad to herself. But, I wouldn’t be upset if someone took a plate home to her. Good for Tay Tay for speaking up. It may not be a enough for some but if her speaking up motivated people to register to vote then I’m glad she did.

  2. The other Kyle

    First of all, Karen is right! That other Kyle is old. As for Kanye, I read somewhere that he has bi-polar disorder? I know he has a mental illness for sure. And that he doesn’t take his meds.

    Of course none of that excuses his actions or the people co signing him like Nicki Minaj. These yes men(or women) don’t care about the trump shit or his health. Just Kanye’s remaining clout.

  3. Kyle

    Karen I normally agree with most of what you say but Snoop Dogg is only a few years older than me. ..He’s not old and about to die anyway!

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