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1768: Granny Karen

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. kccolon10

    I didn’t have time to email in last week, but I figured this is the best time to provide feedback. I emailed in two feedback shows ago about how I am over these performers making public statements about their political views and personal agendas. But you know what? There has never been a better week to say that I was wrong. As someone that is studying the effects of social movements and social media, you’d think that I’d know better, but every person has their bias. I’m happy that Taylor Swift stepped up to the plate, and i’m glad Elon Musk is stepping up to help Flint. And these things would not have happened if they did not speak up and take action.

    I’m just tired of STUPID people making comments about things they know nothing about. And even if they aren’t stupid, i’m just tired of uninformed commentary. But public figures that choose to make public statements about public issues should be responsible with their speech. And I just feel like J Cole and Kanye were irresponsible with their commentary. I just hope we begin to drown out the ignorant commentary with thoughtful discussions soon. Thanks Rod and Karen!

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