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1778: This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib Review

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Rod and Karen review Quan Millz’ “This Hoe Got Roaches In Her Crib.”

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  1. Joe Spacely

    Why am I still thinking about that poor little fictitious girl, three days after i listened to that review? Is Quan Millz that good a writer? Or did Rod and Karen once again succeed in pulling reason out of ratchet? I was THIS close to purchasing the story for myself (the author has 170 reviews on amazon), but the author picture snapped me back to reality. I’m going to listen to Rod’s interview with the author, then decide.

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    I didn’t read the book but your recap had me enthralled. I need to know what happened. Also, I did feel away because my government name rhymes with Fredkisha.

  3. Akua Brempong-Smith

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    This review was EVERYTHING! I haven’t read the book and I’m not sure if i will, but I cackled throughout the whole review. I really liked the way you all broke the book down and highlighted the nuanced approach to what was supposed to be “nigleture.” Rod’s comparison of roaches to ants took me all the way down. I was laughing so hard that the person in the office next door came to see if I was okay. I owe you all a 5 star review so I’m going to go do that before I forget. Thanks for all that you do!

    Akua (pronounced Uh-kwee-uh)

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