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PG 169: Mama Ving Rhames Goes To Africa

(Warning Justin’s mic was acting stupid today)

Rod and Justin discuss movie reviews, Jared Dudley, colorism in the family, woke standards on family members and friends, YMCA basketball, a shooting at a local high school, early voting, LHHH, Ironfist, pregame news, layover in Phoenix and listener feedback.

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  1. fyahworks

    Howdy fellas,

    I know why Justin mic was acting up! It was his denial of Jared Dudley. Like they say on the court, “ball don’t lie” when you miss a shot/free throw, Justin mic was tired of the shits lol.

    Have I told y’all that y’all the fucking best? I mean the stories, the jokes, the serious topics, the recommendations. I seriously wanna thank you guys, and even some of the members like Amani, Canuck duke & dough stax for keeping me laughing and entertained every week at work. By the way, can we give 5 stars on the premium feed?

    1. Justin since rod ain’t up on game I’ll be your green leaf buddy. Last week when Basie showed up,I was like shiiiiiiiiittttttt. It’s like everyone got their piece of drama, I used to think charity was the head case, but nope, it’s the whole family. This show so good, I hope one day rod will watch lol.
    2. Do you know when the chi returns?
    3. Thanks for talking about the Carruth podcast, it was a tough listen, especially the eps with his son. I started the Aaron Hernandez podcast and the Steve McNair podcast as well. Do you guys think we could get a Lorenzen Wright podcast based on the story behind his death?
    4. Last but not least, I enjoy the recap and interview with quan mills. Good guy! Do the books come in audio form?

    My niggaz…… until next time


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