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TTM 48: Kamsahamnida

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Good day! I hope you Miguel haters are doing well. While i must say this episode much like the other baits us with a focus then we hardly see the person they preview. I needed more Beth in her episode and I need more Miguel on this one.
    So on to the episode, while I get Beth’s view on the pictures of the people, Randall needs to decide if he running to help people or running for him and Beth’s egos.
    Toby went out and bought fried chicken for his Black in-laws Thanksgiving… no words! Hell its Thanksgiving Popeye’s sells fried Turkeys and always have some extras!
    As far as my boy Miguel see how he checked his family for disrespecting his wife! That was a good moment. I also appreciate that he can admit his fault in the matter! That’s as Kelly would say “Is Growth!”. So for at least one day I hope y’all can see it in y’all heart to see the calming force that is my Boy Miguel. The second greatest person out of Puerto rico…97-2008 J-Lo being the only person above him!
    Happy Holidays and make sure you unplug your Crockpots.


  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I loved this episode of This Is Us. I loved seeing Jack and Rebecca’s beginnings and at least we now know that Rebecca didn’t give her up dreams for a family. They just didn’t think she was good enough for a big contract. Before she made it seem like she had this big future in music when in actuality, she would have just been a club singer at best. I really broke down when Jack started crying. I don’t think I’ve cried all season but they finally got me. Dammit.

    The more scenes they show from Vietnam, the more I think that Nicky is still alive. Jack maybe meant he died in a metaphorical way. Clearly, Nicky has seen some shit.

    I’m so glad that Zoey opened up to Kevin. I was so scared she’d push him away especially when he was getting upset with her for not sharing her past. This makes me wonder if even Beth knows what happened to her. I don’t know because there was no black Pearsons this week and that was the only thing wrong with this episode. Other than that I loved it. Especially since there was no Kate. I can do with less of her.

    Evie E

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    Meh – pretty much sums up my thoughts for this episode!
    Interesting revelations obviously about Zoe but definitely starts to explain what Beth told Kevin about her possibly breaking her! This opens up a whole new can of worms and it should be interesting to see how Kevin reacts after this!

    Yeah y’all weren’t lying on the last episode about not wanting to see jack and rebecca doing this cross country trip . That shit was definitely kind of boring (except of course jack talking to his deceased troop members parents) but of course it showed Jack was the G.O.A.T. -which we ALREADY knew!

    The scenes I wanted more of Nicky and jack -I got less and the scenes I didn’t want -jack and Rebecca scenes I got more of but I get why they did that. I’m sure we are going to get the episode that shows us what happens to Nicky – good, bad or ugly.

    Nicky wow – he could have been in Canada living his BEST life ! But I understand why Nicky went anyway -he knew his older brother couldn’t protect him from that draft shit. This of course explains Nicky being in the photo with jack in Vietnam but I still don’t understand what kind of punishment was he going to get for what he did . So won’t he just get honorably or dishonorably discharged because listening to what his commanding officer said he did ,that didn’t sound like he was going to military jail or anything like that.

    Anyways thanks again Rod and Bassey,

  4. rodimusprime

    I don’t know that you read these when they are late.

    I was on time with Insecure reviews. But I was a whole season behind on This is Us. Listen I pulled through and basically binged season 2 so that I could be in the know for yálls review.
    Especially since I only watch the show because of your reviews. Your insights in the first season with mental health and anxiety and the family dynamic. Had me, ya hear? HAD ME!

    Your review of the episode where William takes Randall to Memphis got me all sorted so I had to start watching. Thanks. I love the show.

    You guys are so biased & I love it. Cause I’m biased too!

    Particularly I don’t know why you hate Miguel so much…I kept watching waiting for him to do something extraordinarily awful. Meh. I just don’t like him but he’s just like cringy.

    Kate. She is annoying and I don’t get why she self-sabotage. But I finally caught up to season 3. Her bday party. It wasn’t that bad. Considering being trapped in a body that betrays you even though she clearly has an issue with food, many people who are that big may eat more but it doesn’t take that much more for them to gain a lot of weight. Y’all don’t be having it for her! I think people who feel trapped in their bodies and feel powerless it’s just triggering to me.

    I’m almost totally caught on the show and on your wonderfully delightful reviews.


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