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1786: JesusPass

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Rod and Karen discuss a StateFarm ad, black women winning offices, Michelle Obama on Trump, LGBTQ news, Creflo Dollar bible school, Howard University Finesse Queen, racist shirt at Mississippi polls, Bernie says white people uncomfortable voting black, Da Baby in Wal-Mart, woman chokes cop, woman chokes on pancakes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I’m not trying to religion shame, but at this point if people are still giving Creflo “Gimme Yo” Dollar their hard earn coin then they deserve to be scammed.

  2. FalconsDiva

    I’m sure I’ll have more comments on this episode but I need to relay this real time.

    I am in tears in my office at Karen’s reaction to the Victoria Secret underwear being used. I ain’t lying – I had to rewind and laugh at that again!

    Thanks for always providing me with some giggles in the midst of the bullshit.

    • FalconsDiva

      OH MY GOD!!! KAREN’S DEFINITION OF NIGGERFISHING!!!! OK, I have laughed my tearducts dry.

  3. Dia

    I don’t want to name the preacher, but my roommate from grad school in journalism got a part-time job working for one of the TV preachers on his production team and she told me she was disgusted when he came into a staff meeting one day and said he wanted to be the first “billion dollar preacher.”

    Not that he wanted to save a billion souls, help a billion people, serve a billion meals or spread the word to a billion people.

    He wanted a billion dollars.

    I would not say I am totally agnostic but the business of religion is such a con.

  4. Dia Kuykendall

    Rod and Karen,

    Thank you for your perspective on the elections these last couple of weeks. I wanted to touch on the growing number of people who support a black exit from the Democratic Party or those who are too woke to vote.

    They think we are sheep because they think we believe the Democrats are the end all be all. When I don’t think we believe that, at least I don’t. Although in our lifetime they may be the only choice.

    They fail to realize that the Democratic Party is the floor and not the ceiling. And we are not even at the floor yet.

    If you are a progressive, then voting for democrats is a means for us to get to the floor. Only then can we have a third or multiparty system. The floor is when people in Mississippi don’t bat an eye at a same sex couple; the floor is when a majority of people in Alabama support gun control; the floor is when police in Chicago react to criminals based on the crime and not by their race.

    I really think these people romanticize the Republican Party or some greater third party. What makes black people think that our interests will be moved ahead of all the loyal, poor, welfare receiving, housing subsidized, consistently voting white people, who coincidentally, the Republicans don’t really do anything for anyway?

  5. Phil

    Hey Rod and Karen, thanks for putting the mid-terms into a better perspective for me. Sometimes you just cant see the forest because of the trees. Texas and Tennessee may not have had all the results that we wanted but some big changes that not lots of people pay attention to did happen with the wins of all of those black queens. Also Bernie can have all of the seats, at the cookout that you invited him to Rod. Now its time to put in on my subscription to JesusPass and find the nearest church with the baddest of women.


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