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SMR 216: Bumblebee

Rod and Karen review the latest in a long line of Transformers films, “Bumblebee.” We also discuss the new Marvel movie trailers.

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    If Bumblebee was the first ever live-action Transformers movie, I’d enjoy it. Bumblebee, unfortunately, feels like it’s too late. After seeing Cybertron & the many possibilities that Paramount can do after seeing that opening, I want more of that in future films, we don’t need anymore tales that center the human characters. Haliee Steinfeld & John Cena do a fine job, it’s just that because Michael Bay, sadly, tainted these films so much, I didn’t want to see them here. There’s a good movie here with nice action sequences, superb voice acting by Angela Bassett, Justin Theroux, Peter Cullen & Dylan O’ Brien. Colors have pop, character, etc. I’m just tired of this particular film being done, when they can definitely do these movies without human characters.

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