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SMR 227: Vice

Rod and Justin review the Dick Cheney bio pic, “Vice.” We also respond to your feedback for Eighth Grade.

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    My mind was blown after watching this movie. Vice is so good, I don’t even think about Oliver Stone’s W, which was nothing special, tbh. It was funny, spoke truth to power & how Dick & Lynne Cheney pretty much made America “kneel before us” in the subtle way possible because George W. Bush was the one getting the blame. Blame he deserves, yes; but, the Cheney’s did most of that work that has since crippled democracy. Christian Bale is uncanny as Dick. I swear he WAS Dick Cheney after leaving my viewing of this movie. Amy Adams was an absolute wildcard as Lynne. I wouldn’t be upset if she won’t the Oscar. She did that shit. Steve Carell deserves a shout out as his portrayal as Donald Rumsfield. He was really good. Sam Rockwell did Bush better than Josh Brolin did in W & Rockwell has much less screen time here than that film. The direction, use of archival footage, supporting cast & comedy just….man, amazing. To use a line from y’all ranking system, “The fuck you waiting for, go see this shit”.

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