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1824: Hamburglar In Chief

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Rod and Karen discuss some random thoughts, a Taco Bell shooting, AZ high school shames bad students, Bernie Sanders apologizes, Bromances are more satisfying, taking out the trash, man kills girlfriend’s cat, teacher masturbates under desk, man does a drive by on his parents, Trump feeds kids McDonald’s In The White House and sword ratchetness.

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  1. James R

    I would just like to point out that Arby’s didn’t and would never have provided food for this event.

  2. Evie E

    Bernie Sanders can eat a dick. He can take his apology and shove it up his old saggy white ass. Unfortunately, I’d still vote for him if he was the candidate running against Trump.

  3. kccolon10

    To think that someone would do something special or important enough to make it to the White House, and they get there, and are fed McDonald’s in what is often a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most, is worse than a slap in the face. it’s a goddamn shame and embarrassment.

  4. sayu

    The title and showart is so spot on.
    I also wanted to add to this conversation on the hamburglar in chief of how strikingly unqualified he is on all levels. How did he think it was okay to feed D1 athletes fast food? Maybe this was just my assumption but this felt extra-out of touch with reality. These young people have nutritionists back at their school because they don’t regularly eat fast food to perform at the level they play at. In general, they deserved to be treated so much better. He keeps adding insult to injury. I appreciated y’alls brief yet poignant conversation on this ass-hat. Trump keeps proving how unqualified he is on every facet of the job but his supporters do not care. It really will take a collective action against the numbing apathy to make sure if he’s not in jail before 2020, not to get this asshat re-elected.

  5. rivahcitygurl

    When y’all were talking about how terrible Trump has been (since forever), I once again almost cried. I miss President Obama and his whole family. Every time I hear about some Trumpery, I think “President Obama could/would never…” They would have ran him out with pitchforks. I saw a clip of Trump responding to a reporter who asked about the government employees who are not being paid and he said that they “would have to adjust”. Fuck you mean, “adjust”?! Niggas got bills to pay and their direct deposit amounts show ZERO pay. This is America smh. Obama Forever!

  6. Trae

    Trump really thought he was doing something going to all these fast food places and setting up a burger buffet. Does he not understand catering? Setting up a whole fast food buffet with no heat lamps; all that food sitting there lukewarm, and they probably didn’t get them any sodas…

    These players didn’t risk all those injuries for free to roll up at the White House and get served some shit they’d have gotten on a bus outside Chapel Hill. Trump is a dumbass cheapskate who doesn’t know that he probably could have gone to ANY of the restaurants in center City DC and gotten a rack of BBQ and sides for about the same as he got a 1,000 burgers from 3 different chains…hell, he could have gone to the Bojangles at Union Station and got about 10 of those Gameday boxes. FOH.

  7. Mike Mallory

    I gotta salute Rod for starting the show with that Jay Z verse. “Squeeze 1st” is my go to song when I discuss Jay being the GOAT. I’m only 4 min into this episode but I already know it’s gonna be great lol. Peace.

  8. Truenotes1

    I really got nothing about this episode. The show art is why im here. It is perfect. I burst out laughing when I saw it this morning. And i’ve neen laughing to myself most of the the day when I think about it.

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