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1831: Telling Jokes For Two

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Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Blayr Nias to talk about her new stand up album “Telling Jokes For Two.” We also discuss doing comedy in Charlotte, touring in the south, stand up while pregnant, doing morning news shows, FL secretary of state resigns, man gets 1.1 million dollar settlement for wrongful conviction, family kicked off plane for stinking, man uses dildos in a fight, man arrested trying to get weed back from Uber and sword ratchetness.

Blayr’s Album: Telling Jokes For Two – https://fanlink.to/TellingJokesForTwo

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  1. Evie E

    You know those white people stank, they don’t just kick white people off a plane unless the offense is egregious. They had to have smelled like booty sweat, failed natural deodorant, head lice and patchouli oil.

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