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PG 180: Tea And Weep

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Justin’s work week, The Passage, The Punisher, Iyanla, listener feedback, gender roles in house work, Justin gives Mariah her props, The Bundy Tapes and pre-game news.


  1. Turq

    Hi Guys-

    Proud member of the Lambily here. Rod and Karen, thank you for wearing Justin out about our alabaster songbird. Justin, your light-skinned foolishness has to stop!

    Mariah is a living legend. Her vocal range and songwriting ability can’t be denied because the receipts (literal and figurative) are there.

    The thing I appreciate the most about Mimi is how she always stood in her Blackness. I am wary of a lot of mixed people because they try to downplay their Blackness in favor of their “exotic otherness,” like that article you read about Zoe Kravitz. Mimi was very mindful of the fact that because of her looks, her Blackness would be easy to ignore so she has always made it a point to say this is who I am. She always treated OUR media outlets (BET, Vibe, Essence, etc.) as being just as legitimate as mainstream publications, whereas a lot of Black artists treat them as an afterthought after they get success with a white audience.

    I am particularly grateful that she employed so many Black artists. Her first husband Tommy Mottola did not want her being too “urban.” She had to fight with him and the label to work with Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, and even BabyFace (one of the most non-threatening negros on the planet).

    And on a petty note, I’m happy that even though she dates all races, that she chose to reproduce with a Black man, even if he is a Hotep.

    (Not Justin’s) Turq

  2. bamil73

    Hey Rod Karen and J Theodore Bundy

    I watched the Bundy doc and maaaaaaan, watch whiteness work. He was a good looking dude and very charming, despite what people say on Twitter. I can’t believe they let this nigga escape twice, then scan his way to Florida. Oh, to be a white man in the late seventies. Apparently you could get away with almost anything. No wonder they’re so pressed about women and the coloreds trying to get equality. Also, his execution was on my 16th birthday. Bananas.

    I finished The Punisher. Loved it.

    Do y’all have any idea if Pose will be back this year.

    Peace, Amil

  3. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod ,Karen and Jus-a-lil-bit

    As in this week you got just a lil bit more hate for your comments on Mariah Carey! Damn bro 2 weeks and they won’t let you cook! Lol

    1)Rod the chi returns in April, I started to see promo for it!

    2) have any of you ever seen live pd on A&E
    It reminds me of Cops! But a 2018/19 version

    3)Have you guys got a chance to see YOU on Netflix? I’m gonna start it this weekend, I hear it good! I will also be looking forward to your review of captain marvel when that comes out!


  4. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod, Karen and Justin,

    Justin, I don’t even listen to Mariah Carey music like that and know not to slander her accomplishments! And I was amazed you didn’t claim her as an example of lightskint greatness!

    For the record: I respect her work but Mariah’s music just ain’t in my wheelhouse.

  5. rodimusprime

    As much as I would like to participate in the light skin slander of Jariah Carey, I cannot.

    I must say, for the record, I do not like Mariah. I never caught the wave of Mariah. Now it might be because I’m 28 years old, but I make no excuses. I just don’t get the hype around her. I’m not a ‘stan’ if you will. But I can’t doubt two things: she’s talented, and she’s got hits.

    While I personally feel like I can’t listen to a straight album of Mariah Carey songs, I respect her. Her talent extends beyond music. Her ability to be a songstress, businesswoman, and entrepreneur has been a guide for women like Beyoncé and Rihanna. In music, her diversity in pop, R&B, and hip hop is not to be played with. And most importantly, her ability to get what she wants from these men and discard them is admirable lol.

    Like I said, I’m not listening to Mariah in my personal time, but to say the woman doesn’t have talent is just ridiculous.

    I love y’all. Don’t cancel me. IM COMING BACK
    Love y’all. I say every show is my favorite show from TBGWT, but there’s something magical that happens every time Rod, Karen, and Justin link up. Talk to you soon!


  6. thatdudefromvi

    Justin! As a fellow light-skinned-ed black man I am disappointed in you. How dare you give in to Rod and his blackity-black, thick-lipped agenda!? You are a light skinned KING, my brother. If you need to speak your truth about Mariah Carey then do so unapologetically. As I said a couple weeks ago, #JustinNation is behind you. Don’t succumb to his dark skinned trickery and coonery buffoonery. Double down, bruh. Use your God-given superior skin and privilege. I can tell Rod’s niggatry is rubbing off on you and it is affecting you. Stay strong. The nation is behind you. **Raises light skinned fist emphatically**

  7. katrese206

    Praise Jesus… Justin gave in! I was on the edge of my seat during this episode, because I was so hoping that Rod would watch the last installment of Iyanla. That series had me all in my feelings… one of her best efforts/episodes in years. The father was right, that woman had a demon inside of her. I mean, I understand that she was abused herself… but, her motives weren’t out of concern & precaution… more so, hate & vindictiveness.

    Iyanla did mention, several times, that she was going to assist with & commit to long term, external counseling for the family. I’m wondering if/hoping that the producers finally got real, & suggested that she mention/promote professional counseling for her clients.

    I thoroughly enjoyed you all’s viewing/recap of this episode!

  8. Mizzanderson

    I felt the same way about watching Killer Mike’s show, but my cousin had it playing when I went over her house and I must say, I was trying hard not to laugh but the episode with the crip cola is funny, it reminded me of Atlanta. So maybe just check that episode out.

  9. Rwh2016

    Hey Rod & J-Trill,

    Have you guys checked out Mr. Ali’s stellar performance in True Crime Season 3?

    • Rwh2016

      LOL! I meant True Detective Season 3.



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