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1851: White Baby Give-A-Way

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Turq

    Hi Guys,

    Zeke CANNOT be in charge anymore. Didn’t Henry’s father die because Zeke had a crew go into a building that wasn’t cleared? Jerry’s little half-Black, half-Samoan kids better not end up orphans because this fool keeps making the same mistakes. Them kids won’t enjoy those movies fatherless!

    Loved your elk comment, Karen. I thought of elks being more Canadian animals. They probably are reclaiming old territory. It reminds me of the comic when Oceanside is thriving because the oceans are teeming with fish. I hope this means wolves and cougars are also recouping. It would be fun to see Judith get eaten by one since she can’t keep her ass in the gates.

    Speaking of annoying kids, this is the first week I didn’t hate Henry. I appreciate his compassion. I thought he was going to grow up to be a serial killer, but he’s kind-hearted, like Fetty Carl. His mom being beat gave him the moral compass to fight for Lydia. He probably thinks she can grow up to be as strong as Carol.

    I wonder if the Whisperers had the same convo Rick and Co. had about rescuing Beth, with one side wanting to kill and the other to negotiate. Maybe the more peaceful Whisperers came in support of Alpha. I don’t think the baby was brought as a tactic. It may have been a mother going in support of another mother.



  2. Evie E

    Not that I’m trying to be, but have I become the shows official hater with all the vitriol I spit toward Henry? I guess when I love a character, my love is strong but my hate for a character is even stronger. I hate Henry so much, every time he comes on the scream I ball my fists at my side like the Arthur meme. I hate Henry like Trump hates the truth. I hate Henry more than kid in the history of the walking dead and that includes Lizzy and Sam. Fuck that kid.

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