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1854: Crabs In A Buffet

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Rod and Karen discuss Kanye’s contract, car payments are high, R Kelly fan posts his bail, Wendy Williams is back, Wal-Mart doing away with greeter position, nail salon with odd name, Detroit officer fired for taunting black woman, are algorithms on dating apps racist, Mary Ann Lisanti, TX woman interrupts 1 year old’s sidewalk photoshoot, two people arrest in brawl over crab legs, man kills a driver of parking, woman scammed via Cash App and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Phil

    Hey TBGWT King and Queen, this story about how car payments are rising hit close to home to me. I recently payed off my car and Karen bringing up that the money you pay a month in a car note is the price of rent is so true, and I live in Arkansas. I lived in three different places while paying for this car and it was still at the least, while I was paying for rent or a mortgage between 130% to 33% percent of those expenses. Public transportation seems to be none existent in most areas in this part of the country so having a car is needed to make a living here. Next, Throw that dog lady in the pound, that’s all I have to say about her. Now them two folks fighting in the buffet line with tongs, the officer on sight said it sounded like a sword match in the place. So Rod does this almost get to be a partial sword ratchetness conversation? Lastly, more people of color in the tech world would give us all less racist algorithms and that seems to be an easy fix, if they would give people of color a chance in the tech world. Thanks for the great free content.

  2. bamil73

    Hi Kay-Rod

    When you were talking about the lady interrupting the one year old’s photo shoot with her dog, you stated that you don’t trust dogs because of their problematic racial history. Well, we have a delightful Beagle-Jack Russel cross and I’ve got to say…you’re goddam right. I don’t trust this motherfucker one bit. Ziggy is our dog and we love him but first of all, he’s white, with a brown-face. That’s right, white, with a brown face. When I walk him he’s always hollerin’ at bitches (also being walked by their owners) across the street and he loves white people, maybe a bit too much. Always wants to play with the whites in the neighbourhood.

    On a serious note, nothing is more irritating than these dog owners with their dogs off-leash. There are by-laws in our city that are explicit about dogs being on leash in public places. Off leash is barred except in dog parks. Can you guess the type of people who always feel entitled enough to casually stroll through the neighbourhood with their dogs off leash? It begins with W and ends with h-i-t-e. This asshole was already wrong to have her dog off leash, then proceeds to have an altercation with the family just minding their own business. Also, the family sounded more Trini than Jamaican.


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