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1857: HMMPH!!!!!!!

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Rod and Karen discuss R Kelly getting out of jail again, Rod’s random thoughts, Jussie Smollett, Travis Scott, Taylor Swift, Family Dollar closing stores, teacher says don’t date blacks, Maine Mayor resigns, teacher has mock slave auction, girl killed by tire, Selfmade Kash, salsa balls and sword ratchetness.

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  1. HvyWght

    Ronald Ritchie. Most people don’t even know his name (I had to look it up myself) but he’s the white man that called the police on John Crawford III and told them he was shouldering his rifle, pointing it at children and waving it around at people. Forget the fact that it was a BB Gun sold in stores in an open carry state, he was murdered by police. A woman fleeing the scene (Angella Williams) had a heart attack fleeing the scene. Died. Investgations by two different agencies, grand jury, massive protests that I’m sure cost the city dearly.
    Video surveillance comes out and shows Ritchie blatantly lied. No charges. I understand this country has an insurmountable disparity in terms of crime and punishment. But. Jussie gets 16 felonioes in a situation where no one was hurt but him??? …that’s insanity.

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen,

    I’m worried R Kelly might be able to get another not guilty verdict as far as these new charges they brought against him are concerned. When you factor in people bailing him out and he can still force these young girls to lie on camera and say they weren’t being sexually assaulted -it’s beyond crazy that he is still walking free out in the world.

    But my hope is he won’t have the money for a decent lawyer for his case ,sadly though as we have already seen some shitty ass person will probably pay for his lawyer . In the end I just hope these parents can get their children back and r kelly’s nasty ass can be locked up for good .

    Thanks again ,

    • HvyWght

      The victims in these new charges aren’t the same women as the women suspected of being imprisoned and brainwashed by R. Kelly currently. All the victims from these 10 charges have representation and are openly coming out against him. I think, with this shift in public opinion from the early 2000’s to now, the women don’t feel as afraid as they did then.

  3. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    On R. Kelly…I really did not know that man was that popular. Hundreds of thousands to get a pedophile and ABUSER out of jail when he ain’t even got it to return it? Unless the hitman bailed him out to finish his job, I’m befuddled.

  4. Anonymous

    Five Stars….. Please make a HMMPH!!!!!!! shirt for us.

  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    First, I have watched that Keenan and Leslie SNL skit five times and I plan on watching it again. TOO.DAMN.FUNNY.

    Second, as with the case with R. Kelly, I too always believed that Michael was guilty. I am ashamed to admit that I once wasn’t as bothered as I should have been because the victims were white. Now before you think I am, or at least was pure evil, let me explain. For me, the allegations came to light shortly after I became aware of Michael’s parade the white women (Brook Shields, Tatum O’Neal, etc.) around world tour. I was hurt by and angry with Michael over this and I was less thinking that Michael was molesting white children, so I don’t care, as much as I was like, at least he isn’t interested in black kids, so that’s one less way he can hurt us. I have long since moved past this, and even though I grieved his death and still like his music, if MJ were alive now, I’d be more than good with seeing him under the jail, just like the author of Michael’s hit, You Are Not Alone. Michael most definitely had a fucked up, abusive childhood/life, but that does not excuse him for fucking up the childhoods/lives of other children.

  6. Janica

    Nah I’m really fucking crying at Karen thinking “mourning wood” was referring to the read person. LMFAO. Never change, Karen. NEVER. CHANGE.

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