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1865: Jocelyn The Scammer

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Rod and Karen and Justin recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Just Jay

    *Your recaps…

    Note to self: proofread

  2. Just Jay

    Rod, I came to offer my condolences. They didn’t have to do Henry like that. Glad it wasn’t King Zeke, but damn! I wasn’t his biggest fan (kinda annoying), but he didn’t deserve all that heat. If you’re good with Queen Carol and the King, who am I to go against their wishes. Cool fact about Henry: The young Henry, before the time jump was played by the younger brother of the actor who played older Henry.

    Having said all that, this episode was bananas! Angela been doing that thang this season. I thought the season finale would’ve been the pike head border episode. I’ve been pot committed since Season 1, even watching during what I thought was the show ultimate demise. She has brought it back, for real. Every episode this has been solid, with most being straight bangers. She keeps it movin’.

    Credit, where credit is due. You’re recaps are must listen to content. You and Karen have me dying. There have been times that your podcast has made the difference between dropping TWD altogether and continuing to keep it in my TV watching rotation. They could have a Gabriel/Eugene spin-off, and if you two were doing the weekly recap, I’d be watching it, just to get to the podcast. Thank you.

    In lieu of flowers or thoughts and prayers, I opted to send 5 stars, via iTunes, to the Rod and Karen TBGWT Foundation.

  3. EvieE

    Lol, Rod you played the fuck out of me but I still love you. You know I will never like Henry and in my best Sam Jackson voice, “Yes he deserves to die and I hope he burns in hell!!!”””

  4. Beans

    So I enjoyed this episode this week because we finally got some answers about the scars and I finally got to hear Justin on a free episode. Yay!

    I’m honestly surprised Michonne didn’t lose the baby with the pain and beatings she was taking in the flashback. Clearly the moral of the episode is no new OR old friends. When she said that all the parents cracked, all my flags went up? At that point in the story, the Z-Poc was going on well over 5 years and the parents just all “cracked?” Jocelyn probably wanted to say she cracked them upside the head.

    Also, about last week’s episode (I hope it’s ok to talk about it here) but I noticed this when watching the show and it was confirmed when Talking Dead came on. When Connie was fighting those Whisperers, I saw that there was glimmer of light that reflected off the knife and that’s why she ducked so fast. I’m not sure if you got a chance to re-watch but I thought I’d make note of that for anyone that might have missed it.

  5. Amani

    Rod was absolutely right that Henry is only saying the same things that Carl or Judith are saying. You’ve been consistent on that point all season. It still doesn’t matter, fuck that little nigga in the name of EvieE.

    I think most people don’t disagree with his point, but his little useless dumb ass can’t back up what he’s saying so it’s just annoying to hear. Carl could go out on his own and make shit happen, so if he went rogue he could back up his mission statement. Henry has done nothing but take Ls and fuck the rest of the group. It doesn’t matter if he’s right or not! This would be like if Joe said we need to balance teams at the Y and started talking shit about super teams. Even if it’s true, the messenger matters especially when you have an agenda.

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